Friday, January 24, 2014

Startup Yatra, an initiative of Nurture Talent Academy

Dear All,

We are excited to invite you to be a part of Startup Yatra, an initiative of Nurture Talent Academy in which young startups, professionals and students visit the office of Gurus who are successful entrepreneurs in their fields; who share their knowledge, experiences and learnings in a candid manner while showcasing their workplace and sharing about their teams as well as operations.

Startups, Gurus and ∞ Possibilities - Let the journey begin!

Between Jan 24 to Jan 31, you get a chance to visit offices of BusinessWorld, Greendust, Spice Labs, TravelBoutiqueOnline and Mettl - each of them covering diverse areas and led by highly successful entrepreneurs in media, travel, education, mobile and ecommerce sectors.


  • Gaurav Bhatnagar, TravelBoutiqueOnline (Nasper funded India's largest online travel agency) - Jan 24
  • Annurag Batra, BusinessWorld (India's premium business publication) - Jan 27
  • Hitendra Chaturvedi, Greendust (pioneer in reverse logistics, KPCB funded) - Jan 29
  • Siddhartha Jain, Spice Labs (creator of Hangman and pioneer in mobile gaming) - Jan 30
  • Tonmoy Shinghal, Mettl (online assessments venture) - Jan 31

Points to note:

  1. 1. Each session is of 2 hours in evening (5-7 PM) in office of the Gurus
  2. 2. Each session is limited to 25 participants on first come first serve basis

To register online and check more details, visit

Amit Grover Founder,
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