Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Directory of Hobby Classes :

Here you can,A startup from Pune which will interest you if you are looking for some hobby class or you want to publicize your hobby class in Pune, Mumbai or anywhere in India.

Livoby stands for Live your Hobby!

Livoby has been designed and developed to assist you, to find, explore and develop different hobbies.

 Here you can,

    Here you can,
  • Find hobby classes\workshops\events
  • Check class profiles
  • Follow class and get updates
  • Post class reviews
  • Write blogs

Special features for hobby Professionals,

  • Register your class\workshops\events for free
  • Share class updates, schedule, photos
  • Exhibit and sale your creations online
  • Post \ Find creative jobs
  • Write blogs
  • Free marketing
Our mission is to list maximum hobbies from all over the world and increase their reach.