Friday, January 20, 2012

An Exclusive Talk with Padmashree Lila Poonawalla Mam

 Padmashree Lila Poonawalla, Don't require any introduction. She always encouraged entrepreneurs and she was delighted to know about the efforts LinkedPune is taking to encourage entrepreneurship in Pune. We had a detailed discussion on various aspects and here is her exclusive talk with LinkedPune. Here she talked about  from her wada pav party to secrets of her success.

 Shwetank :  Mam, Your career is an inspiration to many folks, when you started your journey how confident were you that you will achieve this big high.

Lila  : The joy lies in enjoying the journey and not planning for the destination. This has been my Philosophy right through. I always planned only the next step. When I was an apprentice, my sole objective was to work hard and learn the most I can so that I get confirmed in the job. After that my goal was to become an assistant manager, and then a manager and than a general ..