Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oportunity From Holland :

Sr DEVELOPER / 3yr+ experience in Risk Management projects in financial institutions/ Amsterdam (NL) immigration assistance / 55 – 60K euros
In this position, you will be a building member of a strongly growing, result driven IT Company. The company is located nearby Amsterdam and consists of a team of about 50 developers, testers, business analysts and software engineers. You will be working in a small, informal and pleasant atmosphere with more than 12 different nationalities. The company designs, modifies, develops, maintains and improves software systems and application for major financial institutions in the Netherlands and other European countries. There are plenty of career opportunities within the company. You will be coached and trained according to fields of your interests.
Job description
You will be working with a team of developers, engineers, analysts and others to design, develop and modify software system and measure outcome and consequences of design. You will develop (user-) documentation and work together with testers on substantiation procedures and documentation. You will participate in sales phase and provide input into the proposal. You will be in contact with the clients about software system design and maintenance and consult them in different areas. Furthermore, you will be analysing user needs and software requirements for determination achievability of design within time and cost constrains.

Your profile
· University education in Information Technology;
· 3 years+ experience in risk management development projects (core requirement);
· Experienced with J2EE Java and/or .NET (OO software); Spring, Hibernate, EXT JS, Maven, UML design and modern development methods;
· Experienced knowledge of database technologies such as SQL and Oracle;

Other requirements
· Good communication and social skills;
· Good verbal and written skills in English;
· Strong analytical and problem solving skills;
· Ability to work under time pressure;
· Able to work independently as well as in a team;

Additional information
Start date: January 2010
Contract: Permanent employment
Salary: 55.000 – 60.000 euros
Location: Amsterdam (relocation to the Netherlands negotiable)
If you know you are the perfect candidate for this job, please send your CV to with subject line as risk management 3Yrs

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LinkedPune : Opportunities and updates

Hi All,

Good to see your activities on discussion forum on linkedin. I was bit busy for last one month, so couldn’t participate much. I was undergoing Siddh Samadhi Yoga (SSY) . It was an amazing experience, would recommend for every single person.

I have following opportunities for you if you are interested.

Part Time Trainers are required for technical courses.

“Go Get It” is an initiative by one of our fellow member from LinkedPune and Alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Mr. Shailendra Parolkar. He has started an unique concept of Academy within school for the student to be better prepared for competitive examinations. In his corporate approach he is seeking some professionals who can teach technical subjects relevant for engineering graduates, mostly in IT area e.g. Data Base structures, Languages, Embedded System and others. This will be like a modular course, and 4-5 subjects will be covered by 4-5 faculties in 20-30 days duration, Once student go through this module he will be evaluated and certified, all these activities will be in collaboration with different education institutes.

So interested members can send me following information on

Name , email ID, Mobile No. , Residential Address, Subject Or topic you think you can teach and relevant for Engg students.

Looking for More VBDs :

LinkedPune is looking for more VBDs in different part of worlds, particularly Malaysia, Singapore and Japan, If you think you can generate the business in these territories please write to me I will send you the information on what all you can sell. Actually every one of you is invited to send some leads to group, you can directly post it or you can send it to me at If you send it to me I would be able to connect you with the relevant service provider, if you directly post it then you need to do proper scrutinizing and take care of contract. That’s the only difference.

I am planning to start some events based on your locations, so please send me your residential address in following format ( even members from abroad or out of Pune)






Mobile Phone

Email ID

Wish you all the best for coming week, Next week we will have an important announcement, wait for same.

With best regards

Shwetank Upadhyaya

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Deteriorating civic sense and the laxity of the Civic Administration : Nirmala

As a citizen of Pune I am appalled at the deteriorating civic sense and the laxity of the Civic Administration.( I speak of the Lullanagar, Wanowrie area where I live...but I can assure you, most of Pune is in a mess )
I have been taking photographs of overflowing garbage bins, garbage pile ups, rubble dumps and sending them to the Civic bosses, including the Municipal Commissioner. While some of the work is shoddily attended to, most of it is left unattended. A set of pictures got published in the Pune Mirror, I even posted some on IBNLive as a citizen journalist...but to no avail.
The basic problem is:
Conservancy staff don't do their jobs properly.
Civic sense and Community service is not given importance in schools.
Roadside shops and Vendors are the main culprits and there is no rule or law to keep them in check.
Slum dwellers are the biggest offenders
Citizens dont care
There is no national pride
I think we as the Linkedin Pune group should address this problem and look for solutions.
I am attaching some of the photos taken on a 1 km stretch of road..the Salunke Vihar road..truly shocking. What are your views.

I have personally accompanied the Sanitation officer of the Bibewadi Ward office to the sites in the photographs...despite promises to tackle it in a day...nothing has happened to date.( its been 3 weeks now)
The most shocking photo was the one of Leaking water valves in a ditch full of garbage...weeks after sending it to civic authorities, all that was done was. the ditch was filled yesterday with mud along with the valves and all the garbage in the pit. What is one supposed to do?!!
Pune is decaying and we need to do something.

Regards-- Nirmala LalvaniEtiquette Trainer

Monday, July 6, 2009

Joy Of Giving Week


The Joy of Giving Week is the beginning of a national movement. The first of its kind for India, and for every single Indian.
It is a platform for all across the country to celebrate the joy of giving. Whether you are a paan wala in Lucknow, a traffic cop in Mumbai, an idli seller in Madurai, a millionaire in Delhi, a multinational company in Bengaluru, a saree shop owner in Kolkata, a teenager in a school or a college goer in Vadodara….
This is your opportunity to reach out to someone less privileged – by donating money, volunteering time, providing your skills and even just saying a kind word to someone who may not have expected it from you.
All you need to be part of the Joy of Giving Week is to do one simple conscious act of giving. So join the movement, now!


“Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and the wrong. Sometime in your life you will have been all of these.”– Dr Robert Goddard

Mahatma Gandhi went from city to city, village to village collecting funds for the Charkha Sangh. During one of his tours he addressed a meeting in Orissa. After his speech a poor old woman got up. She was bent with age, her hairwas grey and her clothes were in tatters. The volunteers tried to stop her, but she fought her way to the place where Gandhiji was sitting. "I must see him," she insisted and going up to Gandhiji touched his feet. Then from the folds of her sari she brought out a copper coin and placed it at his feet. Gandhiji picked up the copper coin and put it away carefully. The Charkha Sangh funds were under the charge of Jamnalal Bajaj. He asked Gandhiji for the coin but Gandhiji refused. "I keep cheques worth thousands of rupees for the Charkha Sangh," Jamnalal Bajaj said laughingly "yet you won't trust me with a copper coin." "This copper coin is worth much more than those thousands," Gandhiji said. "If a man has several lakhs and he gives away a thousand or two, it doesn't mean much. But this coin was perhaps all that the poor woman possessed. She gave me all she had. That was very generous of her. What a great sacrifice she made. That is why I value this copper coin more than a crore of rupees.

A couple of years ago I found out what "you can't take it with you" means. I found out while I was lying in a ditch at the side of a country road, covered with mud and blood and with the tibia of my right leg poking out the side of my jeans like a branch of a tree taken down in a thunderstorm. I had a MasterCard in my wallet, but when you're lying in a ditch with broken glass in your hair, no one accepts MasterCard....We come in naked and broke. We may be dressed when we go out, but we're just as broke. Warren Buffet? Going to go out broke. Bill Gates? Going out broke. Tom Hanks? Going out broke. Steve King? Broke. Not a crying dime.All the money you earn, all the stocks you buy, all the mutual funds you trade—all of that is mostly smoke and mirrors. It's still going to be a quarter-past getting late whether you tell the time on a Timex or a Rolex....So I want you to consider making your life one long gift to others. And why not? All you have is on loan, anyway. All that lasts is what you pass on....

Now imagine a nice little backyard, surrounded by a board fence. Dad—a pleasant fellow, a little plump—is tending the barbecue. Mom and the kids are setting the picnic table: fried chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, a chocolate cake for dessert. And standing around the fence, looking in, are emaciated men and women, starving children. They are silent. They only watch.
That family at the picnic is us; that backyard is America, and those hungry people on the other side of the fence, watching us sit down to eat, include far too much of the rest of the world: Asia and the subcontinent; countries in Central Europe, where people live on the edge from one harvest to the next; South America, where they're burning down the rain forests; and most of all, Africa, where AIDS is pandemic and starvation is a fact of life.

It's not a pretty picture, but we have the power to help, the power to change. And why should we refuse? Because we're going to take it with us? Please.

Giving isn't about the receiver or the gift but the giver. It's for the giver. One doesn't open one's wallet to improve the world, although it's nice when that happens; one does it to improve one's self....

A life of giving—not just money, but time and spirit—repays. It helps us remember that we may be going out broke, but right now we're doing O.K. Right now we have the power to do great good for others and for ourselves.

So I ask you to begin giving, and to continue as you begin. I think you'll find in the end that you got far more than you ever had, and did more good than you ever dreamed.
The Joy of Giving Week is a great platform for your organization to create your own fundraising event, get your supporters to fundraise for you and to spread awareness about your work and your cause.100% of what you raise through this Week will go to your organization- no fees or costs payable to us.
For 4 weeks before the Week, a high voltage TV, print, internet and outdoor ad campaign across the country will promote the Joy of Giving Week, making it a household name. Media will cover stories of giving and what different NGOs, celebrities and companies are planning. Colleges will gear up for “JoyFests” and school children will ideate on the Design Challenge. The “environment” will be there for your organization to benefit from.

The Joy of Giving Week team will also organize some city-specific events that bring a large number of NGOs together. For instance, Chennai and Hyderabad will see a “Battle of Buffets” event where 5* hotels of the city offer their best buffets free of cost and every NGO can sell seats at the lavish event for Rs5,000 each.

This website will shortly start allowing you to register your events and to seek resources for them- you can ask a company or a school to give you their auditorium for free to host a music nite, or you can ask for buses to ferry volunteers over the Weekend. We’ll keep sharing what other NGOs are planning, and giving you more and more ideas to implement.
So wear your “thinking cap” and start ideating on how you will make the most of the Joy of Giving Week!
1. Jai Vakeel Trust is organizing a Bollywood “Chai For Charity” in Mumbai
2. Magic Bus is planning a Corporate Football Tournament in different cities
3. Udayan Care will put Boxes of Joy in companies all over Delhi
· Get your supporters to do treks, cyclathons and other activities to fundraise for you
· Set up stalls to promote your cause and goods at stores and malls during the Week

Joy of Giving week is a platform for your Company to join millions of Indians doing something for a cause. It is a unique opportunity for brands to benefit by showing their stakeholders that they care. Reach out to your customers, distributors, vendors and suppliers, employees, shareholders and the community to create a novel “giving supply chain” during the Week.
There are various ways in which your Company can engage-
1. Have employees volunteer, raise awareness or donate in kind or financially to a cause of their choice. Choosing a charity by consensus across employees will help create more excitement and buy in by them.

2. Engage your customers through a Cause Related Marketing event or activity and incentives them by offering to make donations on their behalf (e.g., offering to donate Rs100 per bank account opened during the Week, or a percentage of your sales during the Week to a cause).
3. Sponsor “giving events” that are consistent with your brand proposition.
4. Offer resources to NGOs and individuals organizing “giving events” during the Week- e.g,. storage space for a clothes collection drive, a large auditorium for a fundraising dinner, promotional messages on your packaging and access to underutilized infrastructure like vacant airline seats and hotel rooms, in exchange for relevant branding opportunities.
CEOs of reputed companies can also sign up for the ISB “CEO Shadow Auction”, allowing a premiere MBA student to shadow you at work on a day of your choice… by bidding for it and donating the bid amount to your chosen charity.
Joy of giving week website will shortly allow you to register your Event or Activity and allow you to offer resources to NGOs and individuals organizing events. So start figuring out how you can get involved!
Imagine waking up to this in the newspapers on October 3...
Celebrities of India come together to celebrate the Joy of Giving and as a result...
1. One million poor children in India will never go hungry
2. 5 million people have been clothed and protected against the vagaries of nature
3. 5 lakh people will get free cataract surgeries
4. 2 lakh disabled people will now get a wheelchair
5. The streets of Mumbai wear a new look post the mega cleaning drive spear headed by Bollywood stars
This need not be wishful thinking- celebrities like you have the power to make this a reality. Many have already responded very positively to the Joy of Giving week idea.
Here are some simple ways in which you can participate in the Week
1. Offer an acting/dance/sports coaching session to a charity auction
2. Do a 10-second testimonial ad supporting the Joy of Giving Week
3, Offer to be an ambassador to a cause/ an NGO
4, Auction a personal belonging to raise funds

Anurag Kashyap
AR Rahman
Ayesha Takia
Farah Khan
Imtiaz Ali
Mini Mathur
Nandita Das
Sachin Tendulkar

...And Many More!
The Joy of Giving week celebrates the power in each one of us to make a difference. Here are some ideas on how you can reach out and touch a life.

1. Organise a clothes collection drive in your building or college
2. Volunteer 3-4 hours in the week with an NGO on a specific activity- creating an MIS for an NGO, helping with their documentation, just filing and sorting the data that they may have
3. Give a couple of days off to your household help and do their work instead
4. Engage in shramdaan – offer to clean the premises of your temple, mosque or church.
5. Give up something that you feel maybe really difficult – icecream, coffee, the extra chapatti…and treat a child on the street or in your neighborhood instead.
6. Visit an elderly relative you may have forgotten about in many years.
“A young man walked past a hungry desperate beggar and looked up and said, ‘Oh God why have you done nothing to help this man?’ God replied , ‘I did – I made you’.”
From the various celebrities who have supported the Week, to Umesh Aggarwal whose extraordinary stories of spirited individuals have motivated us, to Mr Mahadevan driving the Battle of the Buffets in Chennai and our own trustee, Amit Chandra, there are several individuals who have come forward to make the Joy of Giving Week possible.
The Joy of Giving Week gives each one of us the opportunity to reach out and do something good- something that you’ve always wanted to do. More importantly, it offers us the chance to use the power of collective individual action to make a difference.
Pick a cause that you’ve felt strongly about. The GiveIndia site offers you more than 200 credible NGOs working on a wide range of issues to choose from- and more will get added on this site over the next few months. Visit a few organizations and see if you are able to connect with any of them, and figure out a way to help them during the Week. And if you’d rather do something on your own- so be it! Here are some simple ideas that you can execute during the Week-
1. 7days7 gifts from Sept 27-Oct 3
2. Fundraise for your cause. Set up an iGive page.
3. Organise an event in your office or society
4. Indianize these ideas and try them

Monday, April 6, 2009

Exclusively for LinkedPune Members: Additional Discount of 500 Rs for a communication workshop.


Ms Nidhi Ruperi, HR professional is conducting a workshop on
Effective Communication Skills(The Art of Conversation)
On 18th April, 2009, and LinkedPune members have been offered additional 500 Rs discount for the same.
Thanks Nidhi. I hope people will get benefitted from this workshop.

Here is the complete detail from Nidhi.

"In today’s competitive globalised business world and difficult economy, coherent, effective communication is more essential than ever before. It is the foundation on which companies and careers are built and a crucial component
of success and growth. Whether the audience is an entire organization, a meeting or a single individual, effective communication requires bringing together different points of view and relaying that information without losing
clarity or focus. Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation or an e-mail exchange, a meaningful message entails establishing a connection that leaves a powerful impression. This workshop below will help you develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style, leading to positive results for you and your organization.

Program Objective:
· Increase awareness for effectiveness communication in day to day life.
· Discover how to present your thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively.
· Build rapport while interacting inside or outside the organization
· Reduce time and cost due to ineffective communication

Program Overview:

· Basics of Communication
· Skills of Effective Communicator
· Flow of Communication in Organizations
· Barriers to Communications
· Effective Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Assertive Behaviour
· Communication Ethics
· Conclusion

Program Learning Outcome:

· Attendee will be able to deal with people effectively.
· Attendee will be able to choose and define best communication style/ media to be deployed at given situation.
· Attendee will be able to understand the cost of mis-communication.
· Attendee will be able to speak with more confidence and listen carefully to build rapport
· Attendee will be able analyze and utilise body language effectively.


· Feedback and Counseling by trainer and other participants.
· Exercises to understand the importance of communication
· Case Study to understand the real life problem and how to deal effectively
· Role plays to exert the appropriate behavior
· Assessment tools
· Action Plan and follow up


Mrs. Nidhi Ruperee is currently working as Manager- HR. She has got sound experience of 7 years in Human resources. Through out her carrier she has
played active role of facilitator, trainer and mentor.Nidhi has done master’s in Human Resources from ITM, Mumbai, Training and Development diploma from
ISTD, and she is certified Competency Mapping Manager.

Who all can attend:

All Executives and Managers (Middle management)

Program Details:

Program Date: Saturday, 18th April, 2009.
Time: 9:30 am to 5 pm
Venue: Hotel Coronet Elegance, Fatima Nagar, Pune
Program Fee: Rs 2000 / Participant.

Contact Details:
For nominations and queries
Email :
Contact : 9850034720

For discount mark your email cc to

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Information Security

Hi All,

It is my great pleasure to share the article by Mr. Sameer Anja on Information Security. Mr. Sameer is fellow member of LinkedPune. He is Associate Director KPMG,
Has vast experience in Information Security domain.

I would like to invite all the members to take this discussion forward.

Thanks Mr. Sameer.

With best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya




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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Special screening of movie "The Secret" for LinkedPune members only.

Hi All,

Ms. Sindhu Ramchandran, fellow member of LinkedPune club is organizing a special screening of movie "The Secret" for LinkedPune members only.
Interested members can directly email at and mark a cc to Please check the details below.

It would be a great to meet you all there.

Thanks Sindhu.

With best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya


Please find below a brief synopsis of the movie that we have chosen to start this journey with.

The movie is titled - THE SECRET, based on the book by the same name by Rhonda Byrne.
This movie has brought about a paradigm shift all around the world
and I have even come across many people having a 2-day workshop on using the concept for personal and professional success, in Chennai and Bangalore!

We can schedule it as early as next weekend, Saturday 7.00 pm onwards or any of the coming weekends after Mar 7th.

Looking forward to the fun times and wishing you a great week ahead,

Here it goes -

"THE SECRET" - A Life-transforming movie

The Secret reveals the most powerful law in the universe. The knowledge of this law has run like a golden thread through the lives and the teachings of all the prophets, seers, sages and saviors in the world's history, and through the lives of all truly great men and women. All that they have ever accomplished or attained has been done in full accordance with this most powerful law.

Without exception, every human being has the ability to transform any weakness or suffering into strength, power, perfect peace, health, and abundance.
Rhonda Byrne's discovery of The Secret began with a glimpse of the truth through a 100 year old book. She went back through centuries, tracing and uncovering a common truth that lay at the core of the most powerful philosophies, teachings and religions in the world.

What Rhonda discovered is now captured in The Secret, a film that has been viewed by millions around the world. The Secret has also been released as an audio-book and printed book with more than six million copies in print.

The Secret explains with simplicity the law that is governing all lives, and offers the knowledge of how to create - intentionally and effortlessly - a joyful life. This is the secret to everything - the secret to unlimited happiness, love, health and prosperity.

This is the secret to life.

An initiative by REFUEL in association with The Urban Ashram, Mukund Nagar.

REFUEL is an initiative in towards Lifestyle & Wellness Management focusing primarily on the Promotive & Preventive Health Care domains.
We at REFUEL, understand that everything in life – the social, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, environmental and occupational aspects – are interconnected and need to be optimally balanced.

An integrated effort to bring about positive changes in all these aspects is the only way to maximize the potential that you are capable of and destined to achieve.

A genuine passion for people drives all our actions and the knowledge that we can be in complete control of our lives, is what motivates us

The Urban Ashram is an experiment with the Universal Consciousness. It is a community of global pilgrims, wandering teachers and artists engaged in the creative act of producing a universe of greater possibilities! It is a well-equipped and highly charged space which sees many programs in Yoga, various types of Meditation, De-Stress, Self- Innovation, Sufi Dance apart from innovative sessions like the Drum circles, Silent Meditation Circles, Book Club, Movie Nights and much more!

In Gratitude,

Monday, February 9, 2009

Position: Technical Recruiter - Pune :: Closed


Position Summary:

Individual will be responsible for recruiting full-time employees and contractors to support selling IT Services and Solutions focusing on ERP’s (SAP and Oracle) in APAC and EMEA markets (including India). This will be a hands-on recruiting position and has the potential to will evolve into a manager position.


Solution IT & BPO Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Solution IT Inc. which is a provider of IT Services and Solutions, having its corporate office in Boston MA, USA. The company focuses on selling ERP solutions and services, and has plans to ramp up aggressively in India targeting APAC and EMEA markets. This is a dynamic company with great synergies and gives employees an open environment of independence, challenge, exciting growth prospects and topnotch compensation plans.


Develop and execute recruiting strategy for hiring IT talent with emphasis on SAP and Oracle ERP’s.
Identifying, evaluating and qualifying consultant resources for new clients / business opportunities by working individually and / or with the internal Marketing Managers and Practice Groups to develop proposals in response to RFP's and direct sales efforts
Prospecting, cold-calling and identifying consultant resources opportunities that coincide with our service offerings
Maintaining and developing consultant resources. Proactively building an internal database of consultants in the target areas of hire
Providing consultant resources for both project and staff augmentation clients and business opportunities
Negotiating consultant remuneration in accordance with company policies and business terms and coordinating efforts to process offer letters, travel, relocation and immigration related activities for the consultant.
Coordinating recruiting of consultant resources with internal accounting personnel with respect to consultant billing and/or payment information
Assisting in the developing of client and vendor presentations as well as managing the delivery of the consultant resources necessary and crucial to such proposals and presentations to current and / or prospective clients and vendors
Leveraging local and national relationships with our consultant resources in furtherance of maximizing business opportunities with our current and / or future strategic partners and vendors

Required Skills:

4 years experience in recruiting in the IT services domain in India.
2 years experience in recruiting Oracle and/or SAP services in India.
Understanding of SAP and Oracle ERP technologies
Exceptional written, presentation and communication skills

Desired Skills:

Past experience in building IT solutions preferable in ERP.
Certifications and Trainings in ERP
Experience in recruiting for Middle East, Europe and Africa.
Engineering Degree.
MBA from a premier school.
Experience in interacting with clients for servicing relationships


Attractive compensation package consisting of base salary and variable component depending on experience.



Please send resumes to with Subject: Technical Recruiter – Pune. Please mention “Linked Pune” when you apply.

Date: 03-Feb-2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nominations for “The Entrepreneur - LinkedPune”


One more initiative from LinkedPune. Please nominate yourself or your friend in LinkedPune group for the “The Entrepreneur - LinkedPune” award.

This award will not give the recipient any trophy or money. However, it will definitely get recognition among the group members. 3 short listed profiles will be voted by the members on and one will be elected as “The Entrepreneur - LinkedPune”.

Every month new category will be polled, e.g. “Investor – LinkedPune”, “Trainer – LinkedPune”, “Freelancer – LinkdPune”, “Social Champion – LinkedPune” and many more as per your feedback.

Why such an initiative?

LinkedPune was started to promote business for all its members. Such initiatives will bring “best-in-class” members to lime light and will hopefully help them in getting more business.

How to nominate?

Nominations for “The Entrepreneur - LinkedPune” category are open till 30th Jan 2009
You need to send me a small document (MS word format) mentioning achievements of your/nominee’s startup.
Growth achieved since inception till date.
Initial investment
Small write-up on your Idea / motivation to start your own business
How unique it was
What was your major breakthrough (your first customer/ your first VC/ your first million or any other)

Who can apply?

You should be the owner
Deeksha / Uniken Directors are not allowed to participate ( as I am one of the founder : )
You should be working full time with the startup.

Selection process

1. I will shortlist 3 profiles from the list of nominations.

2. I will send the complete list and short listed profiles to 3 neutral members from the LinkedPune group, with my comments and reasoning.

3. Based on their input, 3 short listed profiles will be published for member voting on

4. If voting response is less than 20% of the total members, 3 neutral judges will take the final decision.

What do you get?

Attention of all the members in the group

Listing on for a year.

This is a genuine initiative to bring more interaction among group members. Members agree to participate in it with a sportsman spirit. No complaints will be entertained and moderator is not liable for any kind of legal action J.

Let the nominations flow!