Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nirbhaya Launch

Pune 13 January 2014 : Monali Thakur Lead Actress in Nagesh Kukunoor’s film “Laksmi” and Melissa Lee Ohm –Former US Marine and personal safety expert were present at the second  day of  a two day special event on Women’s Safety and Technology organized by Pune based SmartCloud computing. The company which developed the well known “Nirbhaya –Be Fearless”  App last year  has launched a unique initiative “Mark your City Safe Campaign” for womens safety . The two day event was graced by Lila Poonawalla who launched the initiative , Founders of SmartCloud Infotech Gajanan Sakhare and Ajit Patil, Vishwas Mahajan President TiE and Shabnam Asthana senior member Nirbhaya Fearless team . SmartCommute a comprehensive solution for Employee  Commute  Safety was launched on the occasion


Monali Thakur said that sometimes women come across certain situations which lead us to believe that we live in a hopeless world. There are many such personal experiences that I have been through. The question that must be asked is Are we human? . This is the tagline of our upcoming film ‘Lakshmi’ which talks on the same subject . She stated that while she never got a chance to meet Laksmi on who the film was based, she saluted her and said that females like “Lakshmi”  who fight against injustice gave her a lot of hope. 


The two day program kicked off with the launch of  “Mark your City Safe Campaign” for womens safety on Sunday at the hands of Lila Poonawalla at MCCIA Auditorium .


Lila Poonawalla at inaugural event said that it is good that the awareness on women’s safety is increasing . However Men should also be a part of Women’s Safety and this should start right from the student level. Both boys and girls should be taught the importance of why they should respect each other .


Gajanan Sakhare said that “Mark your City Safe Campaign” is an advancement of “Nirbhaya: Be Fearless ”  which we launched last year . This feature is important because it can tell which areas in the city are safe and unsafe according to people . One will have to download the free Nirbhaya App currently available for Android phones and participate in the “STAMP Feature ”.  Then the user will have to stamp an area as safe or unsafe based on certain criteria’s. Over a period of time users will start to see clusters with different coloured labels as we see on internet heat maps . Red coloured labels will denote unsafe while green will denote safe areas . The app will also notify or send a pop up if a user is nearby an unsafe area .


He added that we don’t want to leave the initiative at that but we want to make it an end to end solution . We are already working on designs of some small wearable gadgets for women . Once we receive the patent we will bring them for use . Also Human interaction is necessary in cases of emergency . So we plan to have a 24x7 call centre in Pune to start with which can be trained to respond in emergency / SOS  situations . We are talking to all the stakeholders involved in emergency situations like NGOs ,Ambulance Services,  Volunteer Groups and the police .


He said that to make these things a reality apart from our technological expertise , we have onboard former US Marine and expert in personal safety training Melissa Lee Ohm who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and has a vast experience in personal safety training . Peter Relan a serial entrepreneur from Bay Area US and s his incubator program called  Studio9+  has invested in smart cloud and will help in desgining effective wearable gadgets


Various volunteers who contributed to the campaign were felicitated at the hands of Lila Poonawalla