Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ShowCase yourself

Hi All,

All the members, whether atending the meet or not, can send me a 3 minute video/presentation, which will be continuously played in rotation during the meet.
It can be any of following categories

1. Company product/services' presentation -- Talk to your Marketing head
2. Company profile presentation, work environment, career growth -- Talk to your HR
3. Personal Profile presentation --If you are a consultant

You can think of more, One company can send one presentation only, So you have to check with fellow members of your comapny.

Yes, most important thing to mention "It is free"

With best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya

Monday, July 21, 2008

Meet Update -1

Hi All,

Thanks for overwhelming response and enthusiasm shown by all of you. I am specially very thankful to the members who have offered their personal support to arrange the meet.

I got few requests for changing the date and time of the meet, I apologize to all of them as it is very difficult to reach a commonly agreed date and time, only thing I can do is I can give a long notification for the meet so that you can keep your calendar free for that day.

I also got few requests to keep it on weekend, I think next time we can have it on weekend, if it is convenient to majority. It will help members from Mumbai to join us for meet.

If you have any suggestion/ idea/ or agenda please let me know I will try to incorporate that.
Overseas members who are not able to attend the meet can send their thoughts on email or they can post it as comments on linkedpune.com to share it with all, after all we belong to an online community :)

With best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya

Meeting reminder

Hi All,

We have grown to a size of 652 members (as on 20th July 2008) in a span of less than 4 months. A big 'Thank You' to all the LinkedPune members on this achievement!

I keep on getting requests from our LinkedPune members to arrange a club meet or an informal gathering. I too feel that it is now time to come out of online networking and at least plan to meet in the real world. I would like to invite suggestions from all the members on their expectations and other inputs from such a meeting.

We can fix up some convenient restaurant or club in Pune, where we can gather at least once in a quarter. I can keep the venue and other meeting details posted on LinkedPune.com for the future meets.
It will be a self sponsored gathering. However, if there are members interested in sponsoring a particular meet, they are most welcome to contact me.

Agenda for first meeting will be to have a face to face introduction and also to decide on the future course of action for this group. I will arrange badges of LinkedPune.com so that people can identify each other. I am planning to have the inaugural meet tentatively on Friday August 22 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

Please drop me an email if you are interested in participating for the inaugural meet. Once I get a list of interested members, I will talk to few clubs or restaurants and arrange the first meet.

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Shwetank Upadhyaya

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lets plan to meet

We have grown to a size of 619 (as on 13th Jul 2008), Thanks to all the LinkedPune members,. Now it is time to come out of online networking and lets plan to meet in real world. I would like to invite suggestions from all the members on how to arrange a meet.
My idea is, we can fix some convenient restaurant or club in Pune, where we can come once in a month.
Please drop me a email if you are interested. Once I will get a list of few interested members, I will arrange the meet.
With regds

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Members

Hi All,
134 new members have been added since last introduction, i.e. in just 2 weeks, Now it is difficult for me to introduce each new member joining in, I would request new members to introduce themselves by writing a mail to me or directly posting a blog under general discussion topic. It will help all the members as after crossing 500 members people will not find it easier to browse each and every member on linkedin.

With best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya