Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freelancers in group

1. Gauri Kulkarni- an experienced Technical writer. "I am a freelancer, so do let me know if you or any of your associates need any Technical Writing services. Thanks"

2.confidential ID 145- I am a content writer and working full time, but based out of my home (fully telecommute). I was wondering if you know of any leads either within/outside your organization where companies are looking for dedicated professionals to outsource their content requirements . To contact me write an email to mentioning my ID 145

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Inaugural meet : Your feedback

Hi All,

It was a great feeling to finally meet in person with people whom we had connected in the virtual world till now. A big ‘Thank You’ to all of you who made it to the event.

The participants were from all backgrounds - IT, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Politics and many more. Many companies shared their corporate presentations. In total 35 members were present.

New logo for the group was selected. You can find the updated logo on your profile now.

A movie was played by Professional Party of India, a political company started by IT professionals.

Post 91 was a cool place with good dinner served along with wine. Thanks to which helped us to select the venue.

Only disappointing point was that a lot of people who had earlier confirmed could not turn up for the meet. My appreciation to those of you who were courteous enough to intimate me of your inability to attend despite your earlier confirmation. Thanks to Post91 management which didn't charge me for the shortfall from the booked capacity (which was based on confirmations).

I request all the attendees to share their experience under comments. Senior representatives from following companies were present.

BMC Software IT services company
MRWED Australia Training and assessment
Sixth Sense Inc Real Estate
Min Vesta HR solution company
Sigma e Solutions IT Company
Sankalp Ventures IT Company
Engineer2 Developer IT Company
All tech IT product company
Tasty Khana Web Portal
WhiteHedge Technolgies IT Solutions
S2S Technologies nmjoglekar@gmail.comIT Company
Symantec Security Products
Avita Software BI Company
Cornell HR Consultant
IT Vidya Knowledge Networking
Skill Bridge 24X7 Learning e-Learning
Deeksha Systems e-Learning
Uniken Systems IT research company
REL-ID IT security products
GSBS Process Consultant
Conexant IT company
Ajay S Bhagwat Software testing company

Please pardon me, if I have missed any one in the list. Do leave your comments on website, along with your name, designation and company name.

With best regards


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go Green

Hi All,

I wonder how many of you have seen Al Gore's Climate Crisis Campaign Documentary called "An inconvenient Truth"? If not please do see it.

I was excited to know that Art of Living has actually taken up a challenge to plant 10 crore (100 million) trees in 3 months time across 88 countries. Here are the details supported by UN.
You can also contribute in whichever way you can support this campaign.

-- Deepak Motiramani

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Go Green Activity

I am working with HSBC Software Dev. (India ) Pvt.Ltd and am writing this mail on behalf on my team eBS. We are around a team of 17 and are interested in planting trees around Pune on hilly areas. Could you please help us on this front.

Thanks, Vaijayanti

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Entry tickets have been issued

Hi All,
I hope all the members who have confirmed about their participation must have got the entry tickets, please bring them along with you. I am still waiting for few more presentations from you about your company, products and services, work env etc. Please send it before 14th Aug. I need to merge all the presentations so that it can be run in rotation.
Ok let’s wait for 22nd Aug.

With regards