Friday, May 9, 2014

Refer the guy who gave you smile in your last vacation

When ever you visit any tourist place you meet all kind of people, some people are really good and you wish to help them.  
He can be your taxi driver who gave you very good service or a shop keeper who gave you good quality products at a decent  price or may be a small hotel not listed on any portal but good quality hotel or may be a street side restaurant.
For these people tourists are there life line. Typically good customer experience drive you to same person every time but you don’t go for vacation to same place again and again.
 So if you feel to help such people refer there name / service /product /contact detail/city /email id  etc. over here in comments. 
 Google search engine will make sure that information you shared will reach to right person and the guy who gave you good service gets a business lead, thanks to you.