Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Adopt a village/area and do holistic development for maximum impact

Invitation is open for non IIT alumni as well
Dear All
After the grand success of last alumni outing at Samparc near Lonavala and based on alumni interest, we are proposing to take up some sustainable Social projects within the Pune district. Please give 5 minutes of your time in filling out this form which will help us in identifying the area/project that most of us are interested in. Idea is to adopt a village/area and do holistic development for maximum impact. Guiding principal is to take on work that can be made self-sustainable and becomes the foundation for many other things to happen. This could become an example for other KGP Alumni chapters to follow as well. Let Pune chapter lead the way!


Please fill in the form for sure and let’s try to make impact. It will take only 5 minutes
Write to us for any queries.
Gautam Naik (Secretary )/Manish Bhandari (91 batch team leader/villagineer)