Thursday, October 20, 2011

Idea Factory : Brainstorming - 2

In continuation to my earlier post

New idea is more inspired from TV serials. Book reading on laptop/ phone is picking up its pace. If well known authors on contract can write live books on your book store website it can be a big attention puller if authors are of star fame.

Author will start writing the book online and slowly complete it in a month or two or more and readers can read it daily what so ever completed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Entrepreneur And Meditation

Meditation has different meanings and different effects over different people, here we will see the effects of meditation over  entrepreneurial thinking.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Omni-Bridge : Launches first multi-player game developed over BBM version 6.0.

Fellow Group  member Mr. Amit S. from Omni-Bridge 

Snakes and Ladders is first multi-player game developed over BBM version 6.0. The game allows you to play with your BBM contacts in real time mode.

Omni-Bridge specializes in mobility and mobile applications. The innovative and consumer oriented approach rooted in Omni-Bridge give birth to an unique gaming app integrated with BlackBerry messenger – Snakes and Ladders.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Read and donate

Ever wondered why so many FlipKart advertisements on this blog. When you buy any book by clicking flipkart ad on this blog ( same book being displayed or even a different book) we earn 6% commission on it.  Idea is to generate some fund for Social Cause. So far amount is very less, once it reach to some decent amount we can collectively decide  what to do with the fund.

Here is earning summary so far

Idea Factory : Brainstorming

There are many innovative ideas which must be keep coming to you but due to your other priorities you never get a chance to work on.  Same happen with me. So I thought its better to share with the community instead of allowing it to die its own death.  Request you to please add your comments and refine it to next level.

Idea is to create another social networking site with focus on local flavor. After login landing page is a google map. Concept is to fix your locations ( office/home) and then network to your neighboring areas. 
Facebook started from a college and linkedin has business flavour,  basic human behavior is to  socialize in its vicinity.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TextUp : First social text messaging product

One fellow entrepreneur from the group has launched this interesting product "TextUp" 
Now we don't need to pay for forwarding an SMS to friends. Also it allows to search, view, backup and organise the SMS in very user friendly manner. 
TextUp is a first social text messaging product that provides unique blend of SMS backup functionality, publishing your messages on TextUp global wall as well as your own Facebook profile, and access your own as well as global wall messages from your mobile and Facebook. You could get all this for free for lifetime.

Business Opportunity: To be UNIKEN Channel Partner

UNIKEN Systems Pvt. Ltd. Is looking for channel partners (individual or company)
 in various geographical locations for its products in Information security domain.
Products are targeted towards secure enterprise communication/ data transfer
applicable in BFSI, BPO, Data centers or any other organisation where data security
 is of prime importance.

UNIKEN products are already in use by leading public sector banks in India \
and various other leading organisation in India and abroad. UNIKEN has offices
in middle east, Asia, Europe and USA. Strong client references and aggressive 
pricing for innovative technology (Patented ) ,it is a good business opportunity 
to become UNIKEN Channel partner.

To be a channel partner you should have access to IT head or Information 
Security Head of  the organisation.To know more about products please write
 to or visit
Uniken. Because Technology came 2nd.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Corporate Table Tennis Tournament

Dear All,

After a successful completion of Corporate Badminton, Chess and Carrom tournament last weekend; we again take the privilege of inviting you to the Corporate Table Tennis tournament in Pune.

Frontfoot is a professional sports management company and brings to you the one of the best sporting events of the year. Not only this, it gives you the platform of networking with other executives all around the city.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sponsorship opportunity : Kshitij : Annual techno-management festival of IIT Kharagpur

Kshitij  is the annual techno-management festival of IIT Kharagpur. From a modest start 8 years back, it has blossomed into a fest that boasts of being the largest festival of its kind in Asia. Kshitij promises to provide an effective platform for interaction between budding technocrats, future management gurus, celebrities and honchos from the corporate sector and the experienced faculty of IIT Kharagpur itself. Kshitij hosts a galaxy of events aimed at boosting the technological and managerial skills inherent in today's youth and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Car Pool group In Pune

Found a car pool initiative by Comdt. Suresh Karve in Pune. It’s a linkedin group  (  so you can check the profile of the person with whom you are going to share the car. As of now there are very few members but once petrol price touch new heighs, I am sure members will increase.
Car Pool in Pune

Online Portal to get Doctor's appointment

 Came across to one interesting start up and thought to share with you. Its an online portal to get appointment of doctors any where in the world.

This is what I found on website was found in Dec 2010, today it is a groups of hundreds of doctors who manage their clinic by using online software as a service from anywhere anytime.

PFC VS Blackburn Rovers Football Match In Pune

Pune Football Club and English Premier League team Blackburn Rovers in a much awaited encounter
at Shri Shiv Chatrapati Football & Athletic Sports Complex, Mahlunge , Balewadi, Pune 7th Oct 2011.