Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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 18 Yrs Experience as CTO/Director/ Founder / Business Development

1)      What makes me excited  –

-          Vision for Cloud, Mobility and Data science.

-          Un conventional business line

-          Intense technology drive

-          Product Influence for global market

-          Experiment with methodology and technologies.


2)      How I see myself contributing to the industry –

a)      Identifying technology trends: Focus on long-term Technology Roadmap aligned with organization ’s vision. Identify the key technology trends that will have impact on organizations business, that offer new opportunities to the organization. Work with business and delivery heads to assess the relevance to the current and future service offerings

b)      Incubate new technology competencies: Through technology office, define and execute strategies to develop competencies in the emerging technologies. Provide direction to Talent Management team to acquire and nurture strong technical talent.

c)       Build strong Technology oriented culture in the organization: As a CTO, build and promote strong technology culture in the organization.

d)      Provide strategic direction to the technical communities: Mentor and provide direction to specific technology groups such as Performance engineering, Security, Architecture, etc.

e)      Provide support to delivery units: Through various technology competencies, provide support to delivery units to solve complex technology problems.

f)       Interact with customer counterparts and prospects: Showcase organization ’s Technology Vision. Be the Technology Visionary, well-respected by the customer.

g)      Speak in External Events, Write Technology articles: Focus on creating a strong Technology Brand.


3)      Differentiator which I bring along –

-          Veteran in Large organizations as well as Start-ups, founded & build 3 tech start-ups

-          Been on the driver’s seat for more than 10 yrs

-          Entrepreneur  and Achiever(Heart, body, soul)

-          Life is 7 times failing and 8 times rising.

-          Realized early that only three things can change life – Dream (to create), Love (what you do), Sufferings (when you walk less travelled path)


Top 10 list on me:


1. Veteran: Eighteen years of career experience surviving many shocks including Y2K hype, internet bubble and the great recession (laid off from work twice).


2. Achiever (Heart, Body and Soul): Over ten years experiencing lots of success but also great deal of failures as well. Biggest learning is how to keep persistence in low and difficult times.


3. Roaming Feet: Got wonderful opportunity to travel to eleven countries for both work and fun. Look forward to experience many more.


4. What I Understand of myself: Have taken considerable amount of time in understanding my mission, which is making a significant difference in the environment where I contribute.


5. Toughest question to Answer: What is your best achievement?


6. Work – Life (Do I really know how to handle?): Love golf, audiophile, loves cross country drives and family time [Work like a demon, Party like a devil and Sleep like an angle]


7. Always grateful: To a wonderful bunch of colleagues, great mentors, tough clients, awesome management team and support of a large family fraternity.


8. What I do best: Technology, product, go to market, sales, talk, motivate, create, drive, result.


9. What I can’t do (learning a lot, still lagging): Diplomacy, ideation.


10. Journey ahead: Self assessment tells me of a long road ahead. It took me more than a decade to achieve the “private victory” of 7 habits (proactive, first thing first, begin with the end in mind). Now focusing on achieving “public victory”