Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Transports Exceptionnels" a dance duet between a dancer and an excavator by Dominique Boivin

From Times Of india PUNE:

 The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) will host the performance 'Transports Exceptionnels,' a dance duet between a dancer and an excavator by Dominique Boivin on November 17.
The show will be held in the playground near the main gate of the institute at 6.30 pm. Essentially, the show features a digging machine, which becomes not only a prop, but a partner for the dancer in the performance.
Alliance Francaise de Pune is the collaborator for the performance.

The characteristic of this performance is that by its sheer size, the machine creates tension with the dancer's body. It's also an unexpected encounter, a double act between iron and flesh.
The performer uses the arm of the mechanical digger for its functionality and dynamic, but also like a human arm which takes, pushes away, or gently coaxes.
The machine's rotation is a broad movement, spectacular, but it can also be reminiscent of a merry-go-round.
The digging device, whose function is to scrape, drill, transport and tip out, offers a poetic extension: A hand which carries, elevates, and protects.
Said Dominique Boivin, the artist: "If I sometimes imagine the machine as a rough and imperfect human being - the image of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein - I equally attempt to touch the marvelous, giddy dream of the Beauty and the Beast. A machine, which, in its power, elegance and beauty, can just as easily evoke the tasks of Hercules, as the industrial world created by French painter Fernand Leger."
'Transports Exceptionnels' continues its journey across the world with 400 performances in more than 40 countries.
Pursuing this approach - putting the emphasis on each dancer's unique personality and movement - Beau Geste ventures into multiple performance styles: solos, cabarets, variety shows, dance conferences... all opportunities to affirm a taste for diversity, distance and humour, said a statement issued by the FTII, here on Tuesday.

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