Monday, November 14, 2011

I Create

Started in 1999, as a non-profit, in a limited locality in India, to help the disadvantaged who could not get a job and joined the ranks of unemployed or worse, I Create has now become a major movement in India with five full centers (as of December 2009) and hundreds of affiliations. Like minded people have come to the fore to support the ideal of helping the disadvantaged become job creators instead of job seekers. 
I Create has developed two main streams for accomplishing the task it has undertaken: "Creating Job Creators" and "Changing the Mindset: Entrepreneurship as a Career Option"
We are looking forward to find people from Pune who can help us  in expanding i Create programs in Pune. If you have inclination towards supporting grass root disadvantage people from Pune please get in touch with us at
To know more please visit

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