Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nasscom Product Conclave Outreach Workshop on 8th November 2011

Pick up the paper on any given day and you’ll read about another failed product or technology. At the same time, other technology products catch fire and become wildly successful. What makes the difference? Typically, the root cause is not a poorly conceived product. The culprit is simple. Those that successfully capitalize on a new product or market inflection point have a compelling, thought-provoking, engaging story and execute an effective go-to-market strategy That’s it. However, very few technology companies are effectively able to translate their product IP and features into a message that resonates with buyers and captures the imagination of the market. Or execute a long strategy that makes an impact in the market.

Session 1 –
How do companies create breakaway launch and positioning strategies.

This session is a hands-on, highly interactive workshop that gives you a practical, step-by-step approach to developing differentiated launch and positioning strategies and compelling stories. Robert Wright, expert on positioning and product launch, covers the most common positioning and launch challenges facing technology companies in today's environment to help you outline
a practical solution to overcome them for your product, service, or solution. Through real-world experiences, samples, exercises, and the instructor's own launch and positioning methodology, you'll learn how to meet your sales and marketing objectives through the application of proven launch and positioning principles and best practices employed by the most successful companies in Silicon Valley.

This Session would focus on :
How to take your positioning strategy to the point of revenue, faster
12 new rules for high-impact positioning: secrets from Silicon Valley
The key to differentiation: how to develop positioning pillars and value propositions that work
Putting positioning strategies into action: Tips for turning marketing messages into sales conversations and making an impact in sales cycles
What is the definition of Launch? What does a good Launch or go-to-market strategy look like?
What are the most common launch mistakes and how to avoid them
Bob has over 20 years of experience in high technology industry and specializes in creation of break-away strategies and unblocking critical problems to build substantial market value.He has been at the vanguard of innovative positioning and sales enablement strategies for the industry.Bob was the founder of Marketing Arts,a renowned high-tech marketing consulting firm and has successfully driven category leadership and differentiation strategies for over 100  companies.

Session 2 –

Developing a pricing model requires a process and logic to get to the right price point and right content and number of packages. If you think it is as simple as “X amount of money per user per month” or “bronze/silver/gold” editions, this workshop will help you see and use what you are missing.
When you develop a “good enough” pricing model you will be able to go to market with more confidence, get market traction faster and achieve higher levels of revenue growth. 
This special, four-hour pricing workshop that will help you develop a pricing model that is “good enough” to use for the next 18-24 months at least.
Topics will include...
What pricing really is (and it’s more than the number)
Why pricing structure should come before pricing details
What steps to take before coming up with “the number”
How to develop a value proposition to improve sales results
When to use free trials, freemium or paid pilots
Making a profit from price sensitive customers
Moving from domestic to global pricing

The workshop will be led by Jim Geisman, Founder and Principal of US-based Software Pricing Partners, Inc. The firm helps its B2B technology clients realize greater value from the products they sell and the people that sell them. Software Pricing Partners has worked with clients around the world since its start in 1982. The firm's sharp focus on software and related products is reflected at
Jim is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Professional Pricing Society and Co-chair of the SaaS Cluster of the Mass Technology Leadership Council. He is a frequent presenter at various high-tech conferences and industry gatherings including SoftSummit, Softletter's SaaS University, and SaaS Summit. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tufts and an MBA from Harvard.

Registration fees: 1500 for Members & 2000 for Non Members
Venue:ICC Trade Towers,A Wing MCCIA ,Ground Floor,Sumant Moolgaonkar Hall,Senapati Bapat Road
Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Kindly send in your registrations to Darryl at or 9850813443.

Warm Regards,

Darryl Zuzarte

B Wing, 5th Floor, MCCIA Trade Towers, International Convention Complex,
Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411016,India

T  +91 20 25630415 F +91 20 25630415

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