Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sponsorship opportunity : Kshitij : Annual techno-management festival of IIT Kharagpur

Kshitij  is the annual techno-management festival of IIT Kharagpur. From a modest start 8 years back, it has blossomed into a fest that boasts of being the largest festival of its kind in Asia. Kshitij promises to provide an effective platform for interaction between budding technocrats, future management gurus, celebrities and honchos from the corporate sector and the experienced faculty of IIT Kharagpur itself. Kshitij hosts a galaxy of events aimed at boosting the technological and managerial skills inherent in today's youth and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas. 

The essence of Kshitij lies in imbibing a scientific temperament, the spirit of teamwork and the joy of innovation. It provides a chance for the best brains to meet and think over what new can be pursued in the field of technology and management.

Kshitij boasts of having played host to the likes of Prof Roger Kornberg (Nobel in Chemistry,2006), Prof. Paul Crutzen (Nobel in  Chemistry, 1985), Prof. Klaus Von Klitzing (Nobel in Physics 1985), Retd. Wg. Cmdr. Mr. Rakesh Sharma ( First Indian Cosmonaut) ,Mr. Jimmy Donal Wales(Founder of Wikepedia), Mr. Eric Drexler(Father of  Nanotechnology), Mr. Lawrence Krauss( Famous Astro-physicist), Dr. R. Chidambaram (principal scientific advisor to govt. of India), Mr. Alyque Padamsee  (Ad Guru),   Prof Lord Sushanto Kumar Bhattacharya (director of Warwick Manufacturing Group), Mr. Shekhar  Kapur (oscar winning film maker) , Mr. Richard Stallman (founder, GNU) ,Mr Prahlad Kakkar (the ad hatter) who have enthralled audiences with their inspiring and thought-provoking lectures. 

For information on Kshitij 2012 please visit our website:

We look forward to our distinguished alumni to provide us a hand in this endeavour of ours and help us in garnering support that will help us to make our fest a bigger and better one. We would gratefully acknowledge any contribution from your side towards Kshitij 2012.

This may be:

  *   Personal contribution or
  *   Sponsorship by your company

Moreover, we would be highly obliged if you could give us the contacts of any other alumnus from IIT Kharagpur who can assist in this regard . As the stage gets set for the ninth edition of our techno-management fest, we, the students of IIT Kharagpur look forward to your gracious co-operation and support in making this initiative a huge success.

For a copy of the souvenir of Kshitij'11 and Proposal Letter write to

Saurav Sahu

Core team member
Kshitij 2012 (
Technology Students' Gymkhana
IIT Kharagpur

Kshitij 2011 Documentary:
Kshitij 2012 on Facebook:

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