Thursday, October 13, 2011

Idea Factory : Brainstorming

There are many innovative ideas which must be keep coming to you but due to your other priorities you never get a chance to work on.  Same happen with me. So I thought its better to share with the community instead of allowing it to die its own death.  Request you to please add your comments and refine it to next level.

Idea is to create another social networking site with focus on local flavor. After login landing page is a google map. Concept is to fix your locations ( office/home) and then network to your neighboring areas. 
Facebook started from a college and linkedin has business flavour,  basic human behavior is to  socialize in its vicinity.

This tool will create a network map of you and will show network map of your connects, so that you get references to new people. It will also help you in relocating to new cities/localities, Traveling to new places by letting you know how you are connected to new places. Just search any locality and see how many people you directly / indirectly know over there.
There are many features in my mind but its better to give basic concept and then explore more with interested fellows.  So feel free to contact me at if you feel this idea has some potential.
Even If you are thinking of doing on your own I would like to still interact with you to explain more. If you are aware of any development going on in same direction ( might be google has it on its roadmap) please let me know.
If I am given a chance, I need one technology person  with entrepreneur  inclination.

I hope will share more ideas in coming future.
With  best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya


  1. intresting idea........i am not aware of Google, but Facebook has some similar features as you mentioned.......geo-tagging....but not as indepth as you have mentioned......but a cool concept......regarding the other idea of local search engines........I am not very sure how appealing it would be.....but havent seen a really popular local search engine so austrlia we have, more of business search.......but not so popular.....

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