Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Entrepreneur And Meditation

Meditation has different meanings and different effects over different people, here we will see the effects of meditation over  entrepreneurial thinking.

 Meditation is a way to pause, look inside yourself and start afresh.

Lets see what happen when you meditate.
 There are different techniques of meditation and I am considering here is  simplest form where you just do nothing and try to realize your breathing and focus on your various body parts one by one. After a stage you just release this thought as well and get disconnected to everything happening around you or within you.
This stage is what makes you relieved of every situation. This gives you a clean slate to think and plan fresh.

After practicing this you come out of any anxiety / situation when ever you wish to come out. It becomes as simple as stepping out from a room.

Lets see what an entrepreneur need. He or she has to be always filled up with enthusiasm of doing something without thinking about his/her yesterday’s failure. Fresh approach, innovative thinking or we call it out of box thinking. This is what needs a clean state of mind or shall I say clean slate. When you practice meditation you apply a break on your mind, It realizes its own state, rejuvenates and become ready to move further with lots of freshness.

Now I can go on saying a lot about meditation techniques, benefits , experiences of people, how it improves your health but all this will be just the reinforcement of  basic idea explained in short. Best is to experience it your self.  If you are completely new to meditation pickup a book/ CD or investigate any group doing meditation nearby your area and try out. If you don’t get relaxed in a week change the resource. By God grace we live in Pune where there are many centers helping you in meditation, you can join any one of them. Take it as a  start of your journey towards the goal. You will achieve it for sure many have already achieved it or achieving it.
I would like you to share your experience with meditation to help others in understanding the benefits.


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