Thursday, October 20, 2011

Idea Factory : Brainstorming - 2

In continuation to my earlier post

New idea is more inspired from TV serials. Book reading on laptop/ phone is picking up its pace. If well known authors on contract can write live books on your book store website it can be a big attention puller if authors are of star fame.

Author will start writing the book online and slowly complete it in a month or two or more and readers can read it daily what so ever completed.

Revenue models can be advertisement, paid by readers or any other innovative model. Author can also be paid  on per viewership or contract fee or revenue sharing of advertisement.

Readers can participate and affect the story development through comments or blog. Social networking application or more clearly facebook app can be integrated to update you as soon some new chapter is written.

Imagine Harry Potter being written in such a way. So author is the key over here.

Once novel is complete it can be removed and made available in print only, that will be more business decision depending on response.

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