Friday, September 30, 2011

Ten Tips for Selling in a Challenging Economy

The economy stinks right now for most of us but there are still plenty of opportunities! You can give in to the gloom or you can dig in and do the things you need to do in order to survive, and thrive, no matter what the economic indicators tell us. Here are my thoughts on how to prosper now:

1) Prospect like there’s no tomorrow. For most, the “low-hanging” fruit has dried up but there are still prospects that need what you have to offer. You might need to double or triple your prospecting efforts butthe prospects are out there. Invest your time in finding them. Some of the top salespeople I know spend almost 50% of their day prospecting. Do you?

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2) Make it easy for your prospects to find you. While your competitors are cutting back, I suggest that now is the time to market and advertise more than ever before. Keep your name in front of your prospects and clients regularly. If you don’t make sure your prospects think of you when it’s time to buy, your competitors will take them away.

3) Understand why people buy. People tend to buy from people they like and trust. Under-promise and over-deliver, keep your word and go above & beyond the call of duty. In this environment it’s more important than ever to find ways that you can help your prospects succeed, even if helping them now doesn’t benefit you immediately.

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