Monday, September 5, 2011

From Anil Paranjape : Quaint as Quintessentially Quaint Can Be...

I recently celebrated my 47th BD at this homestay.  Thought you might be interested in knowing about this place (or for some of you who are out of India, you are included simply because of a hunch that you might be interested in my writing!).

Calling Atithi Parinay a ‘resort’ (or ‘ray-sort’ as it is often pronounced here!) is like calling Atul Kulkarni ‘The King Shahrukh Khan’!  We lose our soul watching the latter’s movies but find it at Atul’s.  I have used the word ‘movie’ very broadly here.  The King Khan’s movies are attributes of the celluloid (or the pixels): what moves is the film.  At Atul’s movies, on the other hand, what moves is us!  Our emotions, hopes, despairs, our sense of the right and wrong, our entire reference frames!
Unlike watching Shahrukh Khan (whom I have watched once and swore off forever) I actually LIKE going to lavish resorts… once a while.  After getting your soul battered in the daily struggle called life, it feels good to lose it once a while.  But then you go back to your life and find nothing’s changed.  Sometimes, however,  you serendipitously experience something you thought was long lost… and out comes along with it, your soul.  Not the battered one, but the pure, innocent soul that you were born with, that never bruised even in childish altercations, or that which became all lumpy thinking of your first crush.  Or the one that still remembers your parents’ tough love with an unexplainable miss of a few heartbeats.
Atithi Parinay is not easy to find.  Left to myself, plodding the wild west of online stuff, I couldn’t have found it myself.  But the amazing folks atBlack Swann do precisely that.  I have no idea where they find these gems.  It’s so deeply hidden inside coastal Konkan that you feel only locals would know about it.  But that’s exactly the kind of stuff Black Swann finds: helps you travel to faraway places and experience them thru the eyes of the locals.


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