Friday, August 12, 2011

Virtual Vehicle Ownership Service launched. Membership Open For Corporate Houses An Opportunity to do Something For Pune

Virtual Vehicle Ownership Service launched. Membership Open For Corporate Houses An Opportunity to do Something For Pune
In this global era, where Corporate Houses are expected to work across global time zones and with customers getting more exacting on delivery schedules on one hand and their need to maintain good employee relations on the other. Balancing their already strained resources is indeed becoming a tight rope walk. Managers are pressurized to exhort their employees to work beyond standard hours and often times the regular transport facility provided to bring and drop employees becomes a constraint that it need not be. Virtual Vehicle Ownership Service essentially seeks to address this issue which is almost becoming hackneyed & quite vexing in many a Corporation. Some of the problems SWITCH helps resolve are: 1.Since it is normal for the Administration Department to make a load of at least four employees to make The Taxi Cab cost effective following difficulty or vexing issues cannot be eliminated: a.The Taxi has to pick up & drop four which may require detours; thus a longer journey b.The Employee who is picked up first or dropped last generally tends to waste on-road 25 to 30 minutes. Besides adding to the Transport Bill, this adds to the irritation and frustration of the employee which could eventually impact his work. c.Whilst all due care may be taken to verify and check the antecedents of the cab provider and his driver, newspapers are rife with the misdemeanor of the cabbies particularly where women employees are concerned. Virtual Vehicle Ownership essentially being self-driven vehicles actually contributes to safety, security and privacy of the employee. 2. Meeting deadlines often requires a Manager to hold back an employee or two for discussion or last minute work. This may just require that crucial 15 minutes. The Cab/Regular Transport cannot be made to wait for this employee lest it draws ire of the larger number ready to leave. This employee does not want to wait since he will miss the regular transport and then he/she may have to wait for another two hours for the next service. Hence the employee works under some kind of a psychological duress. He need not, any more. With Virtual Vehicle Ownership Service his/her Manager can hold him/her back without feeling stressed and the employees can leave for home soon as the meeting/job is over without any duress. 3. Every Corporation has several odd jobs to be done which may be out of office such as running errands or delivering letters to a client’s office, where peon and delivery boys are deputed. Currently, they are reimbursing this in some fashion or the other. If you go to further analyze the expenses and time spent by your errand boy, it would not be too difficult to realize the saving both in terms of cost (possible pilferages) & time. Virtual Vehicle Ownership Service is a low cost highly effective method of running inter-corporate errands where the Administration can get a better control of the employee movements. 4. After all it is a vehicle in use. Just as in case of vehicles – owned or hired – breakdowns in case of Virtual Vehicles is possible. Unlike in cases of other modes (including owned vehicles), SWITCH shall endeavour to replace the vehicles as quickly as reasonably possible because there would be a Franchised Outlet close by that would be working 24X7 to cater to SWITCH Members hence to a very large extent removing worries of Administration or the employee. 5. Corporate Houses are becoming more and more sensitive to their Social Responsibilities. Using the Switch Service would be a good way for your esteemed organization contributing to containing Vehicular Pollution and thus sending a GREEN message as good Corporate Citizens in conformity with the Green Charter for the Corporate Houses. For More detals Contact Dilip (+91 9890099397) or Naveen (+919403765066)

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