Monday, August 29, 2011

‘Story Writing / Telling Competition’

Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture

‘Story Writing / Telling Competition’

to encourage Creativity
Cross Border Collaboration

Sponsored by: VKorus Pte. Ltd.

About Competition:

Effective storytelling is a fine and beautiful art. A well-developed and presented story can cut across age barriers and will hold the interest and reach its listeners.
An Individual or groups of creative minds have an excellent opportunity to present your own imagination or true story on the platform provided by VKorus
You can present your story with help of Text, Pictures, Photographs, Animation, with support of Music/Sound on Background. Any of these mediums or mediums combined together can be used to present your story.
Inaugurated jointly by VKorus and MCCIA as the model for similar events in the future, this Competition aims to provide the forum for story-writers/story-tellers to share their stories, forge links with each other to learn/inspire/share, draw public and media attention, and encourage creative collaboration across continents and between generations.

Competition will start from 1st September 2011 and will end on 31st October 2011

About VKorus:

VKorus' cutting-edge platform takes remote collaboration among multi-users to a whole new level of excellence. Its 3-in-1 platform can be accessed from wherever you are and is extremely user-friendly even if you are not an IT expert.
For more information please visit or

Who can participate:

Anybody who loves story thinking, telling, writing or drawing. This competition is open to all but the work has to be original, no copy-paste or from net.
You can present the story individually or with the help of group (here, various people in the group can play the roles of Story writer, Sound provider, animator etc.)

Participation Fee:

No Participation Fee. Just get register with us for the participation in the Competition.
How to Participate:

• All you have to do is just register with MCCIA and then present your own story on VKorus cutting-edge platform.
• You have to present your story on VKorus platform using any of mediums or mediums combined together like Text, Pictures, Photographs, Animation enhanced with Music/Sound in background.
• You can present the story individually or by forming a group.
• Story could be presented in English, Hindi and Marathi Languages using VKorus Platform only.
for more information about story competition please visit:

Evaluation Criteria:

Contestants are free to self-promote their content to their friends and the general public.
Winners will be selected based on points received for their submission, which will be allocated as follows:
(1). 20% for the number of viewers attracted.
(2). 20% for ratings received from viewers.
(3). 60% points awarded by Judges based on –
(a). originality of the story (20%)
(b). ability to captivate viewers’ attention/imagination (20%);
(c). innovativeness of the presentation (10%);
(d). appropriate use of sight and sound to enhance/express the story (10%).
The judges’ decision is final.

Content Submissions:

· Subject to the limiting conditions below, the content submitted by contestants can be based on any theme, e.g.
(a). moral values or principles;
(b). current affairs (e.g. causes and solutions for the US budget deficit, greenhouse
effect and solutions, global warming, etc.);
(c). nature or place;
(d). festival or event;
(e). business or product; etc.

· The theme can be factual or fictitious, and done in written words, spoken voice, graphics/images (e.g. power-point presentation), a mix of sight-and-sound (audio and video), etc.

· You retain full ownership of your own content and any intellectual property rights (“IPR”) or other proprietary rights associated with your own content. of your content remains with you.

· Content downloading during the period of contest has been deactivated / restricted so that all the contestants can rest assure that their content will not be electronically copied and circulated.

· By posting your content on VKorus’ Gallery as a contestant, you:
(a). shall deemed to have granted VKorus the non-exclusive permission to publish and retain your content and use it for advertising or otherwise on, or in connection with the promotion of, the VKorus site; and
(b). are aware and acknowledge that the content published on the Gallery is made available to the general public and, for all intents and purposes, is susceptible to the risks of being downloaded, copied or transmitted by other users with or without your consent as in the case of the wide variety of media content that is offered to the general public through ‘street journalism,’ 'citizen journalism,' social media networks,' or 'participatory media networks; and
(c). may remove your content from the Gallery at any time after the contest is over; and.
(d). may take all precautions and measures including watermarking, copywriting or registering your content in all forms with the appropriate authorities before submitting the same for competition with MCCIA & VKorus.


International recognition and attractive prizes.

Contact Details:

Please register with Ms. Chaitrali Sawant on or Tel no.: 25709192 or
Mr. Rajnikant Gaikwad Tel no.: 25709193

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