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Painting Exhibitions

Explorations of the watercolor kind - Paintings by Prabal Mallick

Prabal Mallick is watercolorist by passion and temperament. he stated off as an oil painter vey early in his life. But there was a sudden shift in paradigm in his life and he switched to watercolors and since then he have been painting in watercolor. For his paintings he draw inspiration from nature, day to day life, and his experiences. So in general he do a lot of landscapes and a little bit of still lifes, cityscapes and what he call as life - scapes. he paint in a simplistic, realistic yet loose style which invites the viewer to 'feel' his work, rather than just see it. he put a lot of stress on tonal composition and like to play with colors to provide the feel. Play of light also is a major part of his paintings.

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V. A. Mali - Celebrating 100th Birthday
V. A. Mali
Born in Kolhapur on 23rd August 1911. He has achieved two years of Diploma in Arts from Ketkar Institute of Art, Mumbai and during 1929-32 joined J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. He has done several solo exhibitions. He is honoured by several prestigious awards which includes Gold Medal by Bombay Art Society in 1945 and Silver Trophy by President, Art Society of India, Mumbai in 1944. It is not very often that we see 100 glorious years of illustrious art in one lifetime. But veteran artist V. A. Mali has achieved all this and more. Little wonder then, on the eve of his completion of 100 years, His Excellency, Shri K. Shankarnarayan, Honorable Governor of Maharashtra, did the honors at the Coomarswamy Hall, Mumbai at a grand celebration organized by the Art Society of India and the Bombay Art Society. Artist V. A. Mali is well known for his portrait paintings and representational art. His paintings are on the walls of the High Court, the Parliament and other prestigious arenas. He has also done portraits of personalities like the mayor of Mumbai and G. D. Birla. Having painted for many decades, his work stands as an inspiration to many young artists. His style of painting is distinct and clean with master strokes that are characteristic to Mali. Being able to capture human emotions beautifully is a trademark that has always earned his portraitures respect.

Recent works by Sandeep Yadav
Sandeep Yadav was born in 1977. He has completed G. D. art Commercial and Painting in 2004. He has participated in several exhibitions in India and his paintings are in private collection in India and abroad. He is a winner of 1st prize in Portrait competition in 2007 and 1st prize in still life competition in 2001. He has also received D. S. Khatawkar Gaurav Puraskar. An artist of today's generation has a flare of handling watercolour medium with an ease. He has handled several subjects in watercolour in single colour black and has got very good appreciation by art lovers. Due to nice composition and perfect colour application his paintings look lively and eye catching.


Art of Cycling - Independence Day Ride

Art of Cycling organised a special cycle ride to commemorate the Independence Day. The group consisted of school children, artists, professionals and senior citizens. The cycles were carried out of Pune in the support truck and the cycling started at Khadakvasla. The weather was perfect for cycling - hardly any traffic on the road and cool climate with an occasional light drizzle. The riders were stopping by to take pictures or do sketches. Breakfast was served at Vrindavan Society near Panshet. The spot offers spectacular views of the dam waters below and the setting was inspiring enough for everyone to do their sketching, painting and photography. The group decided to ride further to Panshet dam and by the time everyone reached the boating club, it had started raining heavily. The return journey saw the group carry back their cycles in the support truck which was large enough to accomodate all the cycles.


Ganesh Chitrashala 2011

Make Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols

Yugpath & Art India Foundation have organised a workshop for sculpting Ganesha Idols the Eco friendly way (using Shadu clay). Participants will be guided through the entire process right from mixing the clay, giving finishing touching and painting..
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New Arrivals

Gita G. K.

Born in 1966 in Madras. Gita trained in Bharatnatyam dance throughout her youth and completed her Masters in Psychology before taking up painting in the early 1990s. Since then she has done several commissioned projects, simultaneously engaging in solo and group exhibitions. Her first international exhibition was in Durban, South Africa, in 1997. The exhibition, entitled 'earthlight,' was at the Nehru Centre in London in 2005.Gita's works are semi-abstract with the suggestion of a female form, architecture, musical instruments or some combination of these elements. They simultaneously explore colour, texture, line and form, not as juxtapositions or layers but as integral to one another.
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Devendra Nimbargikar

Born in 1977, Devendra has completed ATD, G.D. Art and Diploma in A. ED. He is a winner of Camlin Art Foundation cash prize of Rs.15000/- for Western Zone. He has also won a silver medal handed by india’s president late Dr. shri Shankar Dayal Sharma in Rashtrapati Bhavan, new delhi. He has participated in several group exhibitions in India.
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Prakash Raman

Born in 1959 artist Prakash has achieved Textile Designing and Diploma in Painting from Telecherry School of Art, Kerala. He is a winner of several awards which includes National Award for painting in 1994. He has written books on Textile Designing and art. He has done solo shows in India and London and participated in several group shows and visited Germany and Paris for exhibitions. His paintings are in private collection in India and Abroad.
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The Jar of Secrets - Ceramics by Rashi Jain
This exhibition, Rashi explores the relationship between the inner and outer worlds of understanding the self and the natural rhythm of mother earth. The wheel thrown anagama fired Jar of Secrets is a contained form of her initial struggle, a striving towards perfection without and harmony within. The hand built sculptural forms with richness in colour, smoothness in texure are a re-exploration of the circular form. The apple symbolizing core abundance and in energy, the pods and the sprouting seeds are infinite life forms in potential. The blooming lotus growing out of the mud alludes to purity, creation and expansion of the sould. Every grain of unfired earth, in the hand of the artist, is a seed waiting to burst forth.
Walls that speak... - Paintings by Kishor Ingale
Life is a study in contrast, and it is these contrasts and disparities that add varied dimensions and depths to our existence. Kishor Ingale, who has been preoccupied with Graffiti art for several years now, employs its brazen, colourful language with a rare with and insightfulness in his present body of works to bring out these very opposing sets of forces that add salt and pepper to life. Kishor refers to the walls in his mixed media works as "Walls that Speak", in fact they have not one but many stoies to tell, tales of aspiration and rejection, failure and success, wealth and want, rural and urban...
"Virasat" - Paintings by Dhananjay Sastakar
Sensitive artists oberve life with great interest, The rich live experiences enrich his mind. His sensitive mind search for the small little wonders that touch his heart. The subjects that linger on his mind make away through his paintings. Dhananjay Sastakar is such an artist, who is delighted to share his images and experiences with art lovers. It is so amazing to see him revealing the beauty spot, that he showcases in his paintings. Last 15 years I have seen him developing as a stylistic painter.
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Emerging Artists
Partha Mohanta
Anuj Malhotra
Rajan Panse
Sandeep Sinha


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