Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Diary of a seeker:Page 1 :: 19 March 2014

I am not sure what I want to know. What I want to tell. 
One thing i am sure of that I do miss something in my life. When I step out of my home I always  looking for something. When I reach destination I look for something. When I am back I look for something in my home. 
One thing is sure that something I am looking for is not out in the world. I cannot find it in this materialistic world. I cannot find it in space around me.
Where should i go looking for it. I look at space, I look at earth, I look at ocean. Where I dont know but sometimes it hurts too. What to do? 
Then I came across someone who told me to look for it inside me. Inside?? Did i hide sth inside me or somebody put that inside me? When ? while i was in womb? Or when i was conceived? Or even before i was conceived?
Only possibility i can think of is before conception. Somebody put everything inside me before i was conceived. But i was not around so where and how things were put in me. This surely proves that i did exist before i was born, before i was conceived. How I dont know !! Who did it I dont know!!
But i want to know. And this quest led me to a path which I was not even aware that it exist. I started looking in me for the answers. I started getting some answers. I am yet to look for the one who put this inside me and where and how. But surely this quest started making me Nobody from Somebody. I am yet to merge in that nobody.

About Author

Author is anonymous and is on mission to SEARCH, her search itself is goal for many. Her experience of SEARCH is being shared from pages of her diary. Objective is to ignite your search or if you are already on path then looking forward to know your experience.