Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Workshop in Pune - Process of Ongoing Improvements (POOGI) based on Theory of Contraints


Understanding an ever-flourishing organization, a company that is capable of exponential growth by relying on processes that ensure growth does not come at the expense of stability.
In order to become an ever-flourishing organization, over a period of time, you and your team will have to master focusing on a few “leverage points” to synchronize seemingly complex system to achieve quantum jumps in your performance, through engaging in WIN-WIN relationships with your stakeholders.

Extending Ford Motor and Toyota Production Systems concepts to apply in many different areas in the organization.

1. Improving flow (or equivalently lead time) is a primary objective of operations.

2. This primary objective should be translated into a practical mechanism that guides the operation when not to produce (prevents overproduction). Ford used space; Ohno used inventory [Goldratt uses time].

3. Local efficiencies must be abolished.

4. A focusing process to balance flow must be in place. Ford used direct observation. Ohno used the gradual reduction of the number of containers and then gradual reduction of parts per container.
You also get a chance to learn from successful implementation of Theory of Constraints based Strategies and Tactics from renowned and respectable Indian companies.

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