Friday, March 16, 2012

eMagination(Pune) – Creating opportunities for the local art &craft

We at eMagination wish to create a platform to support the local handmade art & craft, and the underprivileged artisans to earn a respectable living for themselves and by themselves.
The thing is , we regularly receive requests for handmade gift items like paper bags,cloth bags,envelopes,jewellery,candles, diyas and many many more  from our clients across various industries.
Sometimes the orders are huge and can really help an artist get the much needed exposure in one go and even help an entire family of the needy make a living for a year with just one order!!!
Hence we have taken the initiative to help the local artist & craftsmen of any level of the society around us by creating opportunities to use their skill to showcase their talents.
This practice will give the local art & craft the needed encouragement, which in turn will help curb many problems in the society we live in.
There are plenty such small groups already making a lot of items or having the skills but they do not know how to sell themselves or find work, and that is where we come in the picture.
We want your help to help us identify local artisans,craftsmen, small scale suppliers, NGOs, Blind schools, Old age homes,Orphanages, Mahila sangathans or other similar local groups in your neighbourhood who make products of kinds that can be sold in bulk for various events or campaigns and we will put in our efforts to create opportunities for them wherever,whenever.
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