Tuesday, September 2, 2008

JOB Posting by members


Here I am putting job postings by members. For the confidentiality purpose please send your CV to info@linkedpune.com refereing job code on subject line.

JOB ID 1: One of group member has informed me that a leading BPO in India is looking for Senior VP (Quality).

JOB ID 2: (Mumbai/Ahemdabad/Chennai) Employer is a fast-growing KPO with multiple Ops bases in India, and multiple voice links to the US.

Looking for a Manager level person with Details as follows:
Primary Expertise in Voice Networks, preferably Nortel products (Passport, Callcenter, Voice Recorder, Meridien,Conference Bridge, Callpilot Unified Messaging)
Desired Expertise with WAN Data Networking, Firewalls, VPNs
4-6 Years relevant experience, Relevant certifications.
Person should be hands-on and should be able to handle the Planning, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Voice Circuits.
(LinkedPune.com supports job posting only be members)


  1. Please go to "Jobs/Rental/Real Estate " Tab next to Home on top left of the page for latest postings of Jobs.

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