Monday, July 21, 2008

Meet Update -1

Hi All,

Thanks for overwhelming response and enthusiasm shown by all of you. I am specially very thankful to the members who have offered their personal support to arrange the meet.

I got few requests for changing the date and time of the meet, I apologize to all of them as it is very difficult to reach a commonly agreed date and time, only thing I can do is I can give a long notification for the meet so that you can keep your calendar free for that day.

I also got few requests to keep it on weekend, I think next time we can have it on weekend, if it is convenient to majority. It will help members from Mumbai to join us for meet.

If you have any suggestion/ idea/ or agenda please let me know I will try to incorporate that.
Overseas members who are not able to attend the meet can send their thoughts on email or they can post it as comments on to share it with all, after all we belong to an online community :)

With best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya

1 comment:

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