Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ShowCase yourself

Hi All,

All the members, whether atending the meet or not, can send me a 3 minute video/presentation, which will be continuously played in rotation during the meet.
It can be any of following categories

1. Company product/services' presentation -- Talk to your Marketing head
2. Company profile presentation, work environment, career growth -- Talk to your HR
3. Personal Profile presentation --If you are a consultant

You can think of more, One company can send one presentation only, So you have to check with fellow members of your comapny.

Yes, most important thing to mention "It is free"

With best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya


  1. Hi Shwetank,
    3 Minutes is a very little time for a presentation. Any alternative to share it with participants?

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  3. Hello Shwetank,

    You deserve a ShweTHANK ! In true social marketing style, you have invested your mind & effort in building a vibrant Linked-in community in Pune.

    Ramesh Adavi

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