Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LinkedPUNE news letter


 I would like to share an effort by Mr.  Mr. Ashok Yadav ( in.linkedin.com/pub/ashok-yadav-aicwa-cisa-cia-cma/4/343/435  )

Mr. Ashok is local from Pune and is involved in many social projects. He is looking for your support for his to be launched project “Own a Cow”.  A person in city donates INR 30-40 K to this NGO and the NGO in turn will buy a cow, get insurance for cow and give it to a farmer in remote village of vidarbha. The NGO helps farmers to make earning from cow by ensuring the milk / manure are being bought and supplied to nearby town. This way whatever earning happens, the donor gets back his share on pre-agreed ratios.  I felt this model is very good as donor is supporting a farmer and getting money back ensures the model is self sustainable and donor can go on helping more and more farmers from the same money.

Ashok is also arranging a very nice, free of cost meditation facility open for all in Kharadi.

They are also planning a 2.5 acre meditation center in Saswad via a project called Swanand Ashram.  This is for children from city living in complete comfort and hardly getting any exposure to hardships being faced in villages. A detailed presentation is available on both projects.

Please get in touch with Ashok on his email ashok.yadaav@gmail.com

 In next few mails I would be introducing few more members in our group  who are working for mass with no expectation in return. They need your support in terms of your participation or funding few activities. Please go through and if you feel connected with the cause give your support.  


28th Feb is Science day and IUCA in Pune University is open for all, they will be displaying science experiments, which might be very interesting for younger members of  your family.

2nd March “Regatta” at COEP boat club. If you are not aware of it have a look on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OT86g1j48yE to know how was it last year.


With best regards
Shwetank B. Upadhyaya