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Why do We need a Preventive Health Check-up?

Two fifth(42%) of working class reported stress.  Very high level of stress were reported in persons with sedentary job (63%), especially in IT and BPO sectors.
46% respondents in stress were diabetics, 39% had heart problems, and 49% had a history of high blood pressure.
37% of respondents were already indulged in all three addictions (Smoking, Alcohol and Other Tobacco products)
Provision of health check-ups and health facilities were not adequate and utilization were low (36%)

Common reasons of not getting a preventive health check-up done:

No time to spend a full working day OR Saturday for Health Check-up.
I don’t like to go to a hospital.  I am not sick, so why should I go there?
I don’t want to visit so many centers or Labs for different tests.
I don’t like the smell or I might get infected, I am scared of Hospitals.
With so many hassles, I don’t need a preventive check-up at all.
The costs are exorbitant without any transparency or justification.

What do we do

ü 100% Onsite Service – at your place.

ü 100% Flexible – on your preferred date and time.

ü All Health Parameters – Heart, Lung, Eye, ENT, Blood etc.

ü State-of-the-art Medical Devices used onsite and at Laboratory.

ü Medical diagnosis by specialists via Tele-medicine software.

ü Fully integrated software to maintain Electronic Medical Records.

ü Online Medical records accessible with personal userid/passwd.

ü  Does not interfere with pre-existing Medical Services.

I was amazed to see such an advanced process of health check-up using the telemedicine technology to its best. The data from my remote location was transferred to a specialty hospital and an opinion was received back in matter of minutes. I wish the Concept Health team all the best.
  - Dr. Manoj Khare, Chief Medical officer, Volkswagen, Pune
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