Monday, December 9, 2013

Talk With Entrepreneur: Mr. Vinay Nathan

 Here is excerpts of our talk with Mr. Vinay Nathan, CEO and Co-Founder of Altizon Systems.

Having two patents awarded and 5 patents pending on his name in field of USB technologies associated with copy protection of software and data Vinay has over 13 Yrs of experience as Product Manager, Director Sales (US), VP Sales for India, APAC and MEA among various other roles. His areas of interest in technology are Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, RFID, short range wireless networks and multimedia streaming frameworks.

Left To Right Mr. Vinay, Mr, Yogesh and Mr. Ranjit.
He along with his friends Yogesh and Ranjit started Altizon in April 2013.  Altizon derives its name from Altitude and Horizon representing endeavor to go as high as one can go and as far as one can see.

Altizon products are used to build data driven applications that help customers gain new customer insight, boost operational efficiencies and build a competitive edge.

In such a short time Altizon has been listed as top 10 Big Data Player by Silicon India Magazine.  ( )

Q.1  What was the driving factor to start Altizon?                                                


[VN] Yogesh, Ranjit and I spent a lot of time in October through December of 2012, working on the core area that interests us, aligns with our experience and allows for a large enough play in the market.

 It was very clear to us that the Internet of Things space will see a decade plus of work in terms of Enterprises and Consumers adopting products and solutions in this space. So we conceived the Datonis(TM) platform as the core offering that would spawn devices and applications in multiple verticals.

While we had global ambitions we were also very keen to develop the India market first. That is where we made the call to apply our platform to local needs in the manufacturing space. The manufacturing sector has a chronic need for solutions that provide real time operational data around assembly line productivity, affordably. To begin with we targeted the Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers of the larger manufacturing companies in the area as these needs are more acute in that segment. After all the prep work was in place we started operations as a company on Gudi Padwa, April 2013. We raised a seed round and are a 10 person company today. 

Q2. What is so new about Datonis?

[VN] The Datonis(TM) platform is the world’s first public cloud based real time analytics insight engine for connected devices.

It is amongst the very few products globally that provide a device cloud, a real time Big Data Engine and an application development platform.

This helps us rapidly integrate very diverse sensor networks to the platform and write applications that benefit from the data generated by these sensor networks. 

For the Manufacturing vertical the Aliot Appliances are one-of-a-kind as they help both advanced and legacy machines get connected. This is vital as a very large segment of machines that are used locally are primitive in nature. So existing global solutions cannot integrate with them easily. The AltiVu solutions in manufacturing therefore benefit by providing management a holistic view of their assembly lines productivity as they get to view a wider set of machines.

This effectively means that management in Manufacturing companies can get anywhere, anytime access to their production levels and exception alerts in real time. Corrective actions can happen as situations develop, as opposed to post-mortem analysis looking at the past.

Q3.  You have been featured as top 10 player  in Big data space. How do you feel about getting such an early stage recognition.

[VN] Any award is a recognition for the work put in by the entire team. We are proud of having hit such a milestone so early. It reflects very well on our efforts to date and spurs us to go for larger heights in 2014. We want to build a global technology company out of Pune and this will help us on that journey.

Q4.  What do you visualize for “AltiVu” in next 5 years

[VN] The key concept behind the AltiVu solutions is to provide accurate data in real time that helps operational activities in the Manufacturing sector function more efficiently. That goal in itself has a lot of play to it. Over time we see this data driven culture creating a demand for more applications that analyze trends and create a need for advanced applications like predictive analytics. We also see needs for remote monitoring type applications coming under the AltiVu umbrella. 

Q5. What do you see next for the Datonis(TM) Platform?

[VN] The platform is at the core of everything we do. We plan to drive further adoption of the platform by providing help to anybody to use the platform in a self-service mode. The initial interest from partners has been encouraging. So we are working within a closed group of partners right now and will open it up for 3rd party access within a couple of quarters.