Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Deteriorating civic sense and the laxity of the Civic Administration : Nirmala

As a citizen of Pune I am appalled at the deteriorating civic sense and the laxity of the Civic Administration.( I speak of the Lullanagar, Wanowrie area where I live...but I can assure you, most of Pune is in a mess )
I have been taking photographs of overflowing garbage bins, garbage pile ups, rubble dumps and sending them to the Civic bosses, including the Municipal Commissioner. While some of the work is shoddily attended to, most of it is left unattended. A set of pictures got published in the Pune Mirror, I even posted some on IBNLive as a citizen journalist...but to no avail.
The basic problem is:
Conservancy staff don't do their jobs properly.
Civic sense and Community service is not given importance in schools.
Roadside shops and Vendors are the main culprits and there is no rule or law to keep them in check.
Slum dwellers are the biggest offenders
Citizens dont care
There is no national pride
I think we as the Linkedin Pune group should address this problem and look for solutions.
I am attaching some of the photos taken on a 1 km stretch of road..the Salunke Vihar road..truly shocking. What are your views.

I have personally accompanied the Sanitation officer of the Bibewadi Ward office to the sites in the photographs...despite promises to tackle it in a day...nothing has happened to date.( its been 3 weeks now)
The most shocking photo was the one of Leaking water valves in a ditch full of garbage...weeks after sending it to civic authorities, all that was done was. the ditch was filled yesterday with mud along with the valves and all the garbage in the pit. What is one supposed to do?!!
Pune is decaying and we need to do something.

Regards-- Nirmala LalvaniEtiquette Trainer


  1. It seems like Pune is going the Mumbai way and soon be as dirty as rest of our metros.
    Expecting Govt officials or street vendors to do anything about it is futile. There are reasons why they are unable to do it.
    Does it mean we should just keep protesting for rest of our lives? I don't beleive so. I beleive that we the concerned people of Pune should undertake the clean up work ourselves. Yes, its dirty work, yes, it would be a thankless job but my friends, I really want to work towards making Pune a cleaner, healthier for kids and secure city. The traffic has increased trmendously and so have the accidents. Can't stop them...but I would like to help every victim with first aid and rushing them to hospital.
    I intend to raise my kids in Pune and I want Pune to be as safe and clean as possible so my kids don't have to suffer.
    It will take only a couple of hours per month (or 24 hours per year) from some hardworking Puneites to bring about this change.
    If you are interested, Please send me an email at
    Thank you!
    -Nitin Gulhane

  2. I think so pune is dirty .i have to stay in pune and i want to be as safe and clean as we don't have to suffer

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