Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Social Network Sales Grid


Now when everyone knows the power of close reliable network; LinkedPUNE  would like to take one step further.
There are many organization looking for leads and connect in the companies you might be having in your reliable trusted network.

If as True Sales person you feel that you can freelance and generate some value for such companies , we do have  a working win win model.
Only important thing over here is that you should be legally allowed to do business development activity without any conflict of interest.

As LinkedPUNE we will list up few domains and if you have good network to sell products from that domain, linkedPUNE will share an offering catalog with you at regular interval. You need to keep us informed about the rough payout expectation  of your effort in something following format

1.    Qualified Lead Generation / Setting up the meeting with decision maker
2. Actual Sale ( % of deal value)

Your cost  range will be communicated to product/service company, if they agree you will be directly connected with the company.

In this whole process LinkedPUNE will not be charging anything to you or the company selling product/service and it is being done purely to facilitate more business in trusted network.

LinkedPUNE will be just a facilitator and will not take any responsibility for any kind of dispute resolution but would like to hear from you so that we don’t recommend the company/person to anyone else and blacklist them for this initiative. 
The whole process is completely confidential and information of either side will not be revealed.
So as a first announcement we would like to know if you have good network to sell high end, high value corporate training for senior management to CXO level.

If yes please drop an email at info@linkedpune.com  with subject line Social Network Sales Grid.  We will start sending you the training catalogue, once you feel that you can sell particular training we will connect you as stated above.

So lets generate the power of reliable network  using Social Network Sales Grid .

With best regards
Shwetank B. Upadhyaya