Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KGPians Day Out in Pune : Report by Gautam Naik, Secretary

We had great time yesterday. A 30 odd group of families with KGP background enjoyed yesterday at Samparc Balgram orphanage near Lonavala. Event was annual picnic organized by IIT KGP alumni association in Pune.
We in Pune and India have been shocked by daylight murders of activists or rapes, falling economy, good for nothing government, corruption etc. There is gloom all over. So we thought why not beat the blues. Every year Pune chapter has annual get together at some resort where we have fun, beverages, poisons and food of choice. We meet, enjoy and then disperse to our own grind. So we thought we could tweak the event to some other format. We brainstormed and felt the only cause that could appeal to all batches from 56 till 13 was the theme of social cause. We had identified, start up mentoring, soft skills, adventure sports, music, films as various alternatives but found them limited to certain age groups. We went ahead with social cause and decided to have a get together at an orphanage. We were really worried if we can generate response, as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea especially for younger batches. But we went ahead and felt that any delta which we can create will be positive.

Day arrived after lot of promotion. We were encouraged by 40 odd registrations prior hand. But we were not sure about actual turn up. Venue was scenic on foothills of Lohagad and Bhaje caves. And as in monsoons this place is heaven with a big waterfall in form of samparc orphanage. We waited and waited and finally could generate a number of 33 to assemble. And life will never be same for all 33 heads who attended. Purpose of this report is to reach out to all those who could not attend and make point to visit the place at least once a year.

We were welcomed by efficient staff and all inmates (Bhaje facility host girls and Chakan facility host boys). The happiness flowing around the resident and the energy was evident. We were served with hot pohas and jilebis for breakfast. As we settled, we had an eye opener speech by founder of samparc Mr Banerjee as how one person can create an impact. From zero to around thousand of orphans all over in places in Maharashtra, Bengal and Gujarat, samparc hosts many. Some of residents have gone in to do MBAs and higher education as well. We were also presented a slide show explaining how good samparc had done. It’s simply amazing guys!!

We were really enlightened after being informed about samparc’s journey since 1990. Then we explored the ways which we can collaborate. Our group had CEOs and chairmen of big corporate houses who have the resources and means to initiate the change and help samparc to meet its objectives. Many news ideas like rural BPOs were discussed and alumni pledged that they will sponsor at least few students, visit samparc at least once a year. Few also volunteered to teach as well

Following are action item listed by association

1. Each alumni to visit samparc at least once an year

2. Mr and Mrs Kalyan Chakraborty Chairman To share the digital material for training the trainers on maths and english

3. Mr Maneesh Bhandari to explore with samparc about rural bpo employment initiative


4. JP da to involve his NGO to help sponsor many girl children

5. Debraj Dhar and few other volunteered to help children by teaching maths and English

6. Nalin da will have his independent action at Mahindra

7. Other alumni also promised help in all above forms or any new ways to help orphanage.

8. Association to coordinate all above a[part from financial help and it was planned to have another meeting with greater attendance in near future at samparc

We have special mention of Mr Mukhija and Mr Amit Deb from Mumbai who came all the way. We also appeal to Mumbai association to help in our cause as its more active and larger organization in India.

Other chapters also can help. After that, we had a wonderful round to facility, few people ventured out walking till the waterfall. Few interested also had sessions helping have good time in the nearby areas.

It was followed by a wonderful lunch

Few other agenda points were discussed

 To get help from Mumbai to form formal structure of our chapter. Amit da promised same

 To hold an AGM in November 13 at residency club Pune. This event will be an evening session with families, cocktails and dinner at urban landscape. Nalinda and Sudhir Bapat to help us in same.

 Encouraging more participation from 2005 onward batches

We also collected funds for IIT foundation in the context of PPC for Diro movement. A separate follow up mail will be sent by association to invite contributions from Pune alumni for reimbursing expenses done by few individual alumni approx around 2 Lakhs. Pune chapter is committed to raise 20K for same.

Really guys Pune chapter has reinvented itself after this event. Though we were not in great numbers but we enjoyed the day making in an impact for society and country. We appeal all to be with us in this unique endeavour. Be tuned to this channel for further action, follow-up and details And please be there in numbers for November event at AGM.

We are a part of great tradition, great credentials and great legacy created by league of many extraordinary gentlemen created by an institution called IIT Kharagpur. Some of these gentlemen have left the shores of motherland. What do we call them? Are they deserters, or for that matter pragmatist or visionaries. Few have stayed back for various reasons and some who have for some vague notion of doing something good for motherland. Are they idealists, or opportunists or losers? Debate is on and divide still exist across US consulates in Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. But then avoiding this big debate, some moments in life justify your decision to take sides in this ongoing battle since 60s. This definitely was one of them....

 Credits to Tamal Chakraborty for snaps


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