Monday, February 11, 2013

Recruitment Software For Sell - off


About the Software

The product is a web based software, suitable to be installed over an office intranet or on an
internet host. All other machines over the network can access it with just a web browser. It is
intended to be used by the recruitment teams in companies, placement agencies or institutes for
campus placement.
The product helps a company build a candidate database and tracks the candidates through the
recruitment lifecycle. Even when the product is deployed on a company's intranet server, it is
possible for candidates to apply over internet, and they are automatically imported into the
candidate database.
More information about the product and product test-drive are available on its site. It can be shared
with interested parties.


The product is built with the robust Java J2EE technology using a custom MVC framework. At the
backend, it can work across a variety of relational databases, being primarily tested against
PostgreSql and MySql.
Can it be Integrated with Other Products?

Yes. It is particularly attractive to systems like job portals and HRMS software, as it can be bundled
into their offering. In addition, third party candidate evaluation offerings may also be integrated with
Is it Field Tested?
Yes. We have sold a few licenses to recruiters. One of them has been using it for 2 years now and
has a good number of candidates in the database.

How Can One Generate Revenue from it?
Some possible revenue generation avenues are suggested below. Of course, there may be further
possibilities that a one may creatively evolve.
1. Standalone software licensing : One time / Pay as you go
2. As a paid / free add on with an HRMS, ERP or job portal subscription
3. Integrating services of outsourced candidate evaluation into the product and charging them
for it (as these services can be made available to the users)
4. Building a candidate database and selling its access to companies

Why are we selling it?
We are proud to have built a good recruitment solution. But at the moment our energies are
focused on another product and our bandwidth does not allow us to do justice with both of them.
Looking back, we realize that this has always been the case. We could never put our energy into
selling this product because of other activities. We hired a sales person for only a few months, and
the little sale we did is attributed to that. Rather than continuing with this situation, we feel that the
product is best taken up by someone who is better equipped on these fronts.

We believe the product has good future with a focus on marketing and sales. Our initial attempt
was, therefore, to get a business development partner. The right person has not emerged so far.
Selling off the product is the next best option. We can use the funds for another product.
Our thinking on how the product can be taken to the top is well documented and we shal hand it
over to the buyer. It is up to the buyer to implement it.

Are we Willing to Give Technical Support?

Yes. We are open to be engaged by the buyer to support and enhance the product.
What will be included?
The sale will contain:
1. All rights to the product and the brand
2. Ownership of the source code as is
3. Ownership of current internet domain, site content and social handles
4. Non compete for 3 years
5. Product documentation, Backlog sheet, Vision for next major version, Business plan
What will be the Price

Our asking price is INR 60 Lac.

CONTACT - SHWETANK@LINKEDPUNE.COM  with Subject Line " Recruitment Software For Sell-off"

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