Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Farm house property near Pune

Kelshi Glades
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At ~6 kms from Kelshi beach!
 1/2 acre land
 500 sqft farm house
 2000 sqft sheti tal ( for fish farming)
 20 odd mango trees
 10 other trees such as Suru, Teak and Bamboo etc.

Self-Sustaining Property
Company is proposing a “Self-Sustaining Model” for this property.Under this model the property maintenance is free of hassle and cost to the customer.
When the property is not being used for personal habitat by the customer, it will be leased out for weekend getaways for customers in Mumbai/Pune/Goa.
The details of this model would be worked out later and would be a win-win situation for customer and the

Payment options:

Upfront payment
If you are paying everything upfront then price would be `
In installments:
 Booking amount `5,00,000/-
 Land documents and transaction ` 5,00,000/-
 Start of Construction of Farm house start ` 5,00,000/-
 50 % completion of Farm house start ` 4,00,000/-
 Completion and hand over of house key ` 99,999/-
Total is ` 19,99,999/-

Land options
If you are buying more than ½ acre plot such as 1 acre or more ( in
multiples of ½ acre) then price per ½ acre would be `19,49,999/- and if you are paying upfront then `18,99,999/- per ½ acre plot.

We would be providing you infrastructure and ambience that is of international level and five star qualities.

 Entrance gate with 24 hour security.
 Red stone (Jambha stone) masonry compound wall along main avenue
 Well-lit and tree-lined internal roads
 Eco-friendly development using recycled materials
 On-site rain water harvesting to conserve and recycle water
 The farm house plot would be with clear title and documents

 Houses would be designed considering functionality, aesthetics and the environment.
 Rust-proof powder coated aluminum windows
 Eco friendly concrete roofing tiles with superior thermal insulation
 Eco-friendly local laterite stone (Jambha Stone) used in wall masonry
 Concealed wiring with standard switches
 Standard floor, Modern bathrooms with branded sanitary waves & fittings
 Steel grills on all window for security

There are limited number of plots available and order of booking is important. The booking would be
accepted only after the payment of 5,00,000/- or full payment if paying upfront, is realized.
The right to choose the plot from the layout would be based on booking order.
So please hurry and send your queries/orders to amithiremath@gmail.com/amit@kelshi.in.

The proposed completion time is 6 months to 1 year. Company is committed tocomplete the project on time, but please note that in view of unforeseen delays at government offices, natural resource problems or human resource availability, the completion might get delayed, for reasons beyond company’s control.
Company would communicate with the customer from time to timeon email and/or snail mail, to update on the status of your propertyand the project.


Amit Hiremath

J itendra Hiremath

Kelshi Glades
17, Gopal Society, Ganesh
Nagar, Dhayari
Pune - 411041
Phone +91-98220-38974

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