Saturday, May 12, 2012

internship opportunity at NCL Innovations (

This was to inform you of an internship opportunity at NCL Innovations (, a resource center of the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune.

NCL has a rich history of technologies transferred to the industry which is, however not well documented or available from a single source.

The internship will be an effort to enlist such successful transfers, useful as a reference and for creating case studies around the important ones. This will also help create awareness amongst the scientific community about the success of a publicly funded R&D organization in generating technologies highly applicable in the industry. The effort will offer lessons and insights into the process of technology development and commercialization in India.

The candidate (preferably with a background in Arts/Science & interest/ experience in science communication) will be involved with-

·         Searching, mining, recording and categorizing NCL’s technologies that had been formally transferred to the industry and maintain a technology transfer database.
·         Locating old documents such as annual reports, news articles, NCL’s internal archives, etc that might have any information about the technologies developed at NCL.
·         Verifying the existing information by interviewing NCL alumni and organizing the information gathered.
·         Documenting findings via an electronic database and contributing to report/ white papers.

Please refer to the attached document for details.

We would like to request you to circulate the internship opportunity details amongst your circles.

Thanks in advance.


Devanshi Patel

Scientist Fellow
Innovation Management Group-
NCL Innovations Resource Center,
National Chemical Laboratory,
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road,
Pune- 411 008
Phone: +91-20-2590 2982

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  1. There are several countries GOVT are providing internships Abroad..Lot of student are going to china for an internship because lot of opportunity are there.You must go there..


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