Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ohum : Fighting for Cleft Free India

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something !

Do you know what is cleft?

Cleft is a split/cut in the lip or palate, a terrible condition that makes it impossible for a child to eat breath, sleep or lead a normal life. Cleft is rated the number one birth defect. In India 1.5 million cleft affected children and 35,000 born every year.

There are lot of organizations, ngo's, hospitals, doctors, nurses, individuals volunteering to create smiles through camps and permanent centers.

I am sure you must be thinking why this particular cause?
Cleft is curable with just a simple operation that takes $240, 45 minutes and we can promise a child- smile for life.
$750 is the cost per child 1.5 million children costs to $1 billion a lot of money isn't it?
$240 per child Ohum makes it possible with the tie-ups with our partners.

There is no better gift than gifting someone a SMILE FOREVER:(Per smile @ $240)
1 smile a day-365 smiles a year
1 smile a week-52 smiles a year
1 smile a month-12 smiles a year
1 smile a year

Through our website you can do much more:
Tell your friends,
Register as a volunteer,
Support a campaign,
Donate freely!

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  1. Hey Pinal - I think the text can be improved - the cost difference is not very clear and is confusing.


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