Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Next What

Hi All,
We have crossed 500 members mark today, many many thanks to all the members for their participation in the group.
From here onwards I would like to know your expectations from the group and lot more suggestions to improve upon.
Currently I am working on following activities please suggest more.
1. To avoid spamming all the activities are limited to web posting
2. I am requesting the members to write articles on pre specified topics, which should be useful for all. I request all the members to let me know about any particular topic you want to read or write.
3. Posting notices by members, to inform everybody about new courses, activities etc.
4. Arranging a general meeting, where we can meet everybody else in group, I am looking for someone who can sponsor it, or at last we will have a Dutch party. Most probably in August we will have our first meeting.
5. I have started new members introduction on blog, which should help members to network better.
6. I am also forwarding any relevant info to group members if I come across.(limited to web posting on
7. I have suggested modifications as well to few group members' profile, so that people can get more info about each other.
Please come up with the suggestions so that we can take this initiative to next level.
With best regards
Shwetank Upadhyaya

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