Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Greetings from Govin Academy, Singapore!


Govin Academy is a Singapore-incorporated company that aims to produce the
next crop of young, energetic and valuable entrepreneurs who can work at
the interface of Science and Business.

With the advent of the product patent regime in India, it becomes more
important that the youth of the nation is geared into the next level of
scientific entrepreneurship and in this context we are intending to
introduce a course in Bio-entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

This course is being offered at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
currently and has been endorsed by the industry and received very well by
the target community internationally. We are herewith sharing with you the
brochure of the course being offered in Singapore which would give you a
snapshot view of course. The course is designed in a modular approach with
emphasis on practical requirements of the day to day management of
successful Bio-enterprises of very high standards.

We have formed a team of uniquely successful entrepreneurs in the field of
Bio-Innovation lead by serial entrepreneur-investor Mr. Anand Govindaluri,
CEO, Govin Academy & Govin Holdings, Singapore, who form the core group of
Resource Personnel and Faculty for the program. These entrepreneurship
Gurus would also be serving the role of mentors for entrepreneurs-to-be
after the course is completed. There is a distinct possibility that the
graduates would be mentored and guided to secure their First Level Funding.

We are guided by a very strong Advisory Board comprising of highly
accomplished individuals from Indian Government, Industry and Academia.
Although currently this course is aimed at training Executives and Managers
for Bio-entrepreneurship, we would be flexible to work with you to adapt
the content, duration and delivery depending on specific curriculum
requirement. These modifications can be mutually decided based on a
discussion with you / your team.

In this regard we seek your appointment to explore possible collaboration
for conducting this unique international program at your campus. Please do
let us know a good day to meet.

Thanks and regards,

Umakant Fulzele

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