Friday, March 8, 2013

“The Success Puzzle Life Transformation Event”

We are glad to announce that Siddhima Consulting one of the renowned associate of JIEM from Delhi has organized the event “The Success Puzzle" @ Saturday, March 16, 2013 Hotel Hindustan International, Pune, India.

This program is created by the Greatest Human Potential Enhancement Coach of the world, Mr.  Bob Proctor. He was the star of the movie and the book, "The Secret".

Who All Can Benefit from “The Success Puzzle Life Transformation Event”

1)    CEOs, CFOs, COOs.

2)    Owners of Start-ups and SMEs.

3)    Business Executives.

4)    Sales Professionals.

5)    Direct Marketing People.

6)    Entrepreneurs. 

7)    Students in Professional Streams.

8)    Ladies wishing to do more than domestic duties.

9)    Retired Professionals.  

10)  All individuals who wish to DO, BE, and HAVE more from life.

What is so unique about this event?

1)  The Success Puzzle Life Transformational Event helps people get introduced to the immense power they have within their mind. When they learn to use it more efficiently all their personal and profession results start improving instantly and automatically.

2) The Success Puzzle Life Transformational Event is not a regular seminar designed around certain modules covering topics like Soft Skills, Positive Thinking, Time Management, Stress Management, Goals Setting, and other regular topics that most speakers generally like to take up.

3)  The Success Puzzle Life Transformational Event is an amazing program taking you into a phenomenal journey of learning about your own self. It teaches you that you are designed for stupendous

Early Bird Registrations are now open.

Save your seat by calling +91-8957247365 or +91-9953395019.

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