Friday, January 11, 2013

NIRBHAYA - Fearless : New mobile app for women's safety

SmartCloud Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a mobile apps and games development studio based in Pune, India. We are an equal opportunity employer. We are also conscious about our responsibility towards our employees as well as the society at large.

 The recent unforgettable incident in our country’s capital has raised concerns about women's safety and what our government is doing to ensure a safe and secure environment for women. Apart from all the initiatives taken up by government and NGOs, SmartCloud team started thinking about what else can we do to make sure that our women employees feel safe and secure when they leave our office premises. That’s where the idea of a new mobile app – “Nirbhaya -Fearless” was born
(name inspired from Times Of India’s cover story about the recent Delhi incident).


Today, technology can be your best friend; before anyone reaches you during an emergency situation, technology can play a vital role in providing required information and support. SmartCloud has developed a mobile application “NIRBHAYA” – Fearless  - to help you with one single click - raise an alarm and share your location details with your near and dear ones, support groups and the authorities etc. during an emergency situation.

“NIRBHAYA” is an emergency call and message application where you can send a message to a group created using contacts from your phone's contact list. The message delivered to the recipients will also have your GPS location. You can also configure it to send the information to the friend nearest to you. And all this happens with ONE single click – to help you reach out to people who can help you during emergency.

Users can create various groups of their family members, friends and can also add contact numbers of authorities such as local police station, hospitals, toll free emergency helpline numbers and assign them a quick Launch icon on their mobile home screen.

 This is a free application for download, for EVERYONE and highly recommended for working women, elderly people, kids at home alone etc. This app will be soon available for Windows Mobile and iPhone as well.

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