Friday, December 2, 2011

Businesses don’t fail; entrepreneurs fail


Businesses don’t fail; entrepreneurs fail. While it sounds impolite and punitive, many a times this is the case. If you are a second time entrepreneur, then you will agree out of your experience that the execution takes the toll and the efficiency at the execution level decides the fate of your business.
Take for example the case of Apple. Apple sensationalised the use of a tablet computer by making iPad Tablet Computer in 2010. But Apple was not the first to introduce the tablet computer to the market. Microsoft had already introduced the concept of a tablet computer way back in 2001-2002 timeframe. So what was the difference between these two entrepreneurial honchos – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs – which made the difference in the sales of their respective tablet PCs? Definitely it was the aesthetic finesse with which Steve Jobs would introduce the products to his customers and his marvellous skill to get his vision executed by his people.
Similar is the case with FacebookMark Zuckerberg’s execution plan was incredible. Remember Facebook was also not the first of its kind social media networking model. MySpace and Friendster were already doing the same thing.

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  1. This is the kind of thing any business consultant should know. I think the Gates-Jobs comparison is the perfect example.


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